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2012 Women's Basketball Items
Overall Record: 16-14
Home Record: 8-6
Away Record: 7-7
C-USA Record: 7-9
7th Place

Conference USA Awards
Shay Weaver, All-Freshman Team
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Reflections on a Season: 2011-2012

16 wins

#7 Seed C-USA Tournament

Evansville Classic Champions


QUOTE: A battle lost or won is easily described, understood, and appreciated, but the moral growth of a great nation requires reflection, as well as observation, to appreciate it.
--Frederick Douglass


1 of 16 teams in the CUSA with a winning record

All Freshman 1st Team Shay Weaver

CUSA Leader in 3 point Shooting Percentage

CUSA Runner-up in 3 point Percentage Defense

CUSA Leader in Offensive Rebounding Percentage

CUSA Runner up in Overall Average Attendance

Champions Evansville Winter Aces Classic

Defeated 4 post season teams



Join us for our Annual Awards Banquet on April 12, 2012 at 7:00pm, located at BE5 Memorial Student Center.  Registration starts at 6:15 and tickets are $25.00 per person (dinner and awards ceremony included). Please RSVP no later than Friday, April 6, 2012 with Ms. Judy at (304) 696-5445.



Erica Woods:  This season, I learned a lot about character building. Our team overcame many obstacles together. I'd have to say my biggest memory of the season was when we beat the Big East's Cincinnati Lady Bearcats. Our team would not have had the success if it hadn't been for our prolific three seniors: Alaya Mitchell, Rashedah Henriques and Lateidra Elliott. A special shout out to them! They each brought a different aspect to our team in their own unique ways, and I'd just like to wish them all the best in their future endeavors as I know they will continue to make a huge impact on others' lives wherever life leads them. LOVE YOU GUYS!

Justine Boerger: Being a part of the Marshall 2011-2012 Women's Basketball team, I saw growth in myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I have pushed my body harder than it has ever been pushed, trained my mind to keep going even when I thought I couldn't go on anymore, and learned to trust that God had put me in the right place. I want to thank my coaches for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this team, my teammates for making this season an unforgettable one, my family and friends for supporting me every step of the way, and most importantly God for blessing me with the gifts and talents that I have had the opportunity to express both on and off the court.

Dorina Barrett: Within the season of 2011-2012 I've learned how to become a better teammate. I also learned that you should always stay positive when things are not going your way. These lessons learned have helped me on and off the court. Most importantly they have encouraged me to become a better person in life.

Chika Egzeibo: This season has taught me to make the best of each situation. It has helped me build a strong determination of success and a good mentality for hard work. The season built my character and reassured me that hard work takes you a long way.

Pooh Williams: Throughout my years here at Marshall, I have learned to be prepared for anything on any given day! Things may not go right and you start to question "why me" but you have to maintain a good attitude and keep God first in order to get through rough trials and tribulations!

Mgr, Kyle Spalding: This year was a fun, learning experience for me. I took in a lot during my freshman year. If I were to pick out one item it would be that no one individual is bigger than Marshall. We are a family and win and lose as a team. I was also able to develop a sense of family and comraderie making my freshman experience enjoyable. Memories that I will always keep with me were the pregame meals and being able to hang out with the team and coaches watching and helping out with them as everyone was working hard to be the best we could be. I would personally like to thank Coach Chadwick and the other coaches who allowed me to work with the team this year and all they have done for me. This has definitely been a memorable year.

Rashedah Henriques: I would like to thank God who gives me life and my parents who I would not be here without. I am also very thankful to my family who continues to support me and for the love they show me. I am very grateful for the lifelong friends I have gained. Faithful herd fans you will be missed, Go herd.

Mgr. Timothy Moore: The lesson I have learned is to keep my composure through any situation. The memories I have include my very first flight with the team, being on the road with the team and getting to know everyone throughout the season. Joking around with the players and assisting with practice was memorable. I would like to thank Coach Chadwick for giving me the opportunity to work with the team and travel with them, also, for experiencing more than just basketball.

GA, Nicole Campbell: I remember a brief exchange between players. I think it was Shy who told LeeLee, "They say you meet lifelong friends in college," and quickly added "You're my lifelong friend!" This sums up what intercollegiate athletics are all about--relationships and the experience! The raw essence of a team will never be felt anywhere else (in the workplace or on any professional team). My hope for the Seniors and remaining players is to keep in touch and continue to be a part of each other lives.  Love on each other, build each other up and break each other down (when you have to). True teammates can do that. While some relationships may fall off, the memories not the wins or losses will always have a place in your heart. To the Seniors, go out and do good things!!

Leandra King: Something I have learned this year is that I have to be self-motivating to achieve what I want in life and not let others determine the outcome. A memory I have is when we won against Cincinnati and everyone worked together like a team. Everyone was so excited that it motivated the whole team to win.

Suporia Dickens: I would like to give thanks to our boosters for supporting us. I appreciate our boosters donating money to the basketball program to pay for our scholarships. My favorite memory of this year was going to read for the students at the elementary school.

Victoria Wells: I enjoyed spending time with my teammates and I wish them all the best successes in their future.

Vee Ruiz: My favorite memory is when I almost scored a double-double coming off of a serious knee injury. The fans were screaming, "Welcome back, V!" And, I will always remember Senior Night, when I realized that Alaya was leaving and I was the last of the crew from 2008. I never knew I could be so emotional for someone other than my family and loved ones.

Shy Johnson: I want to thank Lateidra Elliot. She has been a good leader and a senior that I could look up to this year. I can only hope to be as good a leader as she has been to me for my senior year.

Rebekah Donchatz: I have learned a lot this season and would like to thank the coaches for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the team. I've learned the importance of hard work and working together as a team. This season has proved that if everyone comes together and works to accomplish a common goal, great things can happen.

Alyse Poindexter: This year I learned the importance of being a teammate. We went through hard times but we had to overcome together. I have great teammates!

GA, Ashley Zemba: My favorite memory of the 2011-2012 Women's Basketball Season would have to be when we beat the University of Cincinatti. It was one of the most exciting games we played. We trailed Cincinatti for a whole half but still continued to fight and show heart. The girls proved that no matter how big and strong the competition, heart and determination will win out.

Alaya Mitchell: I would like to extend my upmost gratitude to the fans. Of my tenure here at Marshall, I will sincerely miss all the support and loyalty they've shown at every home game. Having an atmosphere like that to play in goes a long way. There are no fans like Marshall fans.

Shay Weaver: This year was a learning experience. I've learned a lot about my teammates and about myself. This year has taught me how to care more about the team than myself. Over all it was fun and very exciting. I'm looking forward to the next three years.

Jaz Shaw: Good luck to the Seniors! I'd like to especially thank Rashedah for always being there and helping me get through some things.

For more information please contact Nicole Campbell at campbell208@marshall.edu or 304-696-7281.




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For more information please contact Nicole Campbell at campbell208@marshall.edu or 304-696-7281.