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Herd Readies for Spring Sale

Marshall Athletics Spring Sale

May 16, 2012



HUNTINGTON - "Buddy, can you spare $20 for new volleyball shoes?"

That would be a new pair of shoes, never out of the NIKE box, tagged at $80 ... or how about an $80 Hilfiger-ish golf sweater for 20 bucks?

Those are among the bargains available Saturday in Marshall's athletics apparel "yard sale," when the Herd will make available old uniforms, warmups and shoes from various Green vintages from 8 a.m.-noon in the Gullickson Hall Gym adjacent to the Cam Henderson Center.

Individuals attending the sale Saturday should enter Gullickson Hall from the 18th Street entrance.

"We've got something in the sale from every sport at Marshall," said Rich Worner, the MU head equipment manager. "Football jerseys were the big thing in the last sale. But really, people buy everything."

The prices range from $5 to $70.

Turns out, maybe something more than talk is cheap.

The Herd hopes Worner is right in that last sentence. That's what happened the last time Marshall had one of these sales of old - used and unused - athletics team items.

That was three years ago. David Steele, Marshall's associate athletic director for business, said that sale brought in about $15,000 to Herd coffers. Previous sales of athletic apparel were done auction-style.

Now, every item is priced and tagged. All items are sold as is and sales are final (cash, check or credit card). The object, assistant equipment manager Zac Littleton said, is "to sell every item we have, because the last thing we want to do is have to move it all back into (storage)."

When Marshall held the last sale, in 2009, only about 90 items were left after a two-hour mad rush of customers, and those were in very small (women's 0-2) or large (4XL) sizes.

"If we sell everything we have available, right now, the rough estimate would be that we'd make about $70,000 (for Herd athletic coffers)," Worner said.

The difference is the volume available compared to the last sale. The items, to be moved to Gullickson on Friday for the next day's sale, fill one end of the football equipment room in the Shewey Building and an L-shaped portion of the Henderson Center equipment room.

Fans should not arrive looking for football helmets. Worner said no equipment will be sold. He expects football jerseys - priced at the top at $70 - to be the hottest item again.

If you're looking for Vinny Curry memorabilia, well, the jersey of the recent draftee and signee with the NFL Eagles will be available ... sort of.

Worner said all names have been removed from jerseys, but that Curry's No. 99 is for sale. In fact, the Herd star's name was just removed this week from three of the jerseys that will be sold.

"There are a lot more jerseys than we had last time, quality jerseys," Worner said. "We've got jerseys that are 10-15 years old that we found in an old closet, but we've got them from 2010 and 2011, too."

There are football cleats priced from $10-35, with about the average of $20. Those would retail anywhere from $80-130. A new item available this time, Worner said, are helmet decals.

Those are $5 for the green "M," but some in white - with the white stripe stapled to it - are available for $10.

"So, if somebody can find a green helmet somewhere and they get this decal and stripe, they're set," Worner said.

Littleton reached into a box and pulled out an unopened pair of soccer goalie gloves - original price $100 - that are priced at $25.

Worner said he expects about 300-400 prospective purchasers to head to the sale, which will be staffed by about 15 Marshall Athletics personnel.

Where else can you buy an unused Herd golf team polo shirt, with logo on the breast, for $10?

 "Most of this stuff is priced to sell," Littleton said. "A lot of it, we could never use again, but it's good quality apparel. A lot of it has never been used, and there's a lot of variety."