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The Marshall University Athletics Hall of Fame

The Marshall University Athletic Hall of Fame was founded in 1984 and honors great athletes, coaches, and administrators from all eras of Thundering Herd sports history. An athlete does not become eligible for the Marshall Athletics Hall of Fame until at least ten years have passed since the end of competition. Below is an alphabetical listing of the Hall of Fame members, with their graduating year, or years of employment, the sports they participated in, along with their year of induction. For more information on the Marshall Athletics Hall of Fame contact Hall of Fame committee member Jason Corriher at

NameLast Year
InductedSport(s) Position(s) Held
Nov. 14, 1970 Crash Victims 1990   Honored By MU HOF
Bob Adkins 19391984Football 
Bob Allen 19682003Basketball 
Sonny Allen 19591996Basketball Assistant Basketball Coach
Equipment Manager
Bill Archer 19712004Wrestling 
George Ayersman 19381990Baseball and Basketball 
Mike Barber 19881994Football  
Bob Barnett 19792016Wrestling (Coach)  
Mike Bartrum 19922007Baseball and Football 
Casey Batey 1999-20022013 Men's Track and Field 
Rogers Beckett 19992009Football 
Kristina Behnfeldt 19992004Basketball 
Maywood "Lefty" Belcher 19341996Baseball 
Ahmad Bradshaw 2004-062017Football 
Jessica Braga 19952015Volleyball 
Troy Brown 19922002Football 
Nancy Bunton 19781986Golf 
Bob Burgess 19622004Basketball 
Pete Byer 19621986Golf 
Leo Byrd 19591985Basketball 
Jim Canterberry 19542010Cross Country and Track 
Byron Carmichael 20022008Soccer 
Pat Carter 19902005Golf 
Boyd "Fox" Chambers 19012003Baseball and Football Head Coach of Baseball
Basketball and Football and Athletic Director
Doug Chapman 19992010Football 
George Chaump 1986-892013 Football Coach
Dr. Sam Clagg 19421985Football Head Coach Wrestling and Assistant Coach Football
Interim Marshall University President
Danny Clark 19491990Football 
Johnathan Clark 19962011Golf 
B.J. Cohen 19972005Football 
Tyrone Collins 19732014Basketball 
Erin Compton 2000-032013 Women's Track and Field 
Chip Cook 19851998Baseball 
Jack Cook 1951; 1956
1994Baseball Head Coach Baseball
Larry Coyer 19641987Football and Wrestling 
David Coyle 19792014Wrestling 
Bill Craig 19352006Baseball 
Frank "Red" Crist 19261985Baseball Basketball and Football
Chris Crocker 1999-20022013 Football 
Melvin Cunningham 19962016Football 
Yost Cunningham 19401986Basketball 
Jim Cure 19641984Football 
Bill Cyrus 19621992Wrestling 
Andy D'Antoni 19401987Football 
Danny D'Antoni 19691990Basketball 
Mike D'Antoni 19721997Basketball 
Ron Darby 19892007Football and Track 
Sierra Davenport 20042014Softball 
Jim Davidson 19692010Basketball and Track-Field 
Scott Davis 19782004Golf 
Chris Deaton 19932015Football 
Brenda Dennis 19751988Basketball 
Dani Derricott 20002016Football 
Albie DeYoung 19782014Baseball 
Jim Donnan 1990-952008Head Football Coach 
Todd Donnan 19942009Football 
John Dotson 19812011Cross Country and Track 
Courtney Driscoll (deceased) 19412016Football 
Beverly Duckwyler 19721986Basketball 
Everette "Boot" Elkins 19391991Football 
LaVerne Evans 19842003Basketball 
Joe Feaganes 1966
2000Golf Head Golf Coach, Associate Athletic Director
Executive Director of Big Green
Aaron Ferguson 19962007Baseball and Football 
Chuck Fieldson 19491988Football 
Cecil Fletcher 1984-872013 Football 
John "Fuzzy" Filliez 19761985Football 
Millard Fleming 19611997Football 
Carl Fodor 19851991Football 
Jack Freeman 19581987Basketball and Golf 
Frank "Gunner" Gatski 19421985 Football 
Carlos "Bunny" Gibson 19791989Basketball 
Don Gibson 19491985Football 
Reggie Giles19882002Basketball,Football and Track 
James Edward "Jim" Glass, Jr.19452015Basketball 
Joe Goddard19712015Baseball 
Johnathan Goddard20042015Football 
Jaki Copeland-Good 19851997Volleyball 
Tommy Good 19651984Football 
Taly Goode 20002011Soccer 
John Grace 19992010Football 
Buddy Graham 1956-59 & 1962-692013 Men's Golf Coach/Assistant Athletic Director 
Bob Gray 1995-20162017Men's SoccerCoach
Tammie Green 19821999Basketball and Golf 
Doug Greenlee 19331987Baseball, Basketball and Track 
Hal Greer 19581985Baseball and Basketball 
John Gregory 19891995Football 
Sara Gulla 20012015Softball 
Mervin Gutshall 19471986Basketball 
Bill Hall 19471985Basketball 
Donzil Hall 19581993Baseball 
Bill Harris 19562009Baseball, Football and Wrestling 
Bob Hartley 19491998Football 
Glenn Hartway 1979-832013 Men's Swimming/Diving 
Roy "Legs" Hawley 1927-352011 Head Baseball Coach
Athletic Director
Len Hellyer 19561988Football 
Cam Henderson 1935-551984 Head Coach for Baseball, Basketball and Football
Charles "Chuck" Henry 19742006Football 
Carl E. Hewlett 19702015Baseball 
Dr. Dorothy Hicks 1970-19961990 Head Coach, Head Women"s Athletic Director
President of Southern Conference and Administrator
Greg Hill 19832001Baseball 
Rodney Holden 19882007Basketball 
Paul Holley 19691995Baseball 
Linda Holmes 19742003Badminton and Volleyball Head Volleyball Coach and Associate Athletic Director
Rick Huckabay 1983-892006Head Basketball Coach
Frank Huffman 19382007Football 
John Seva "Jackie" Hunt 19411984Football 
Dick Hunter 19382009Baseball and Football 
Ramey Hunter 19321985Baseball, Basketball and Football 
Eric Ihnat1987-902017Football 
Brian Ihnen 19821996Swimming 
Mickey Jackson 1966
1985Football Assistant Football Coach
Arnold "Scott" Jackson 19842006Soccer 
Bill James 1971-732017Men's Basketball and Football 
Gene "Goose" James 19471985Basketball 
Clem "Buck" Jamison 19371985Football 
Lindsay Jayjack 20022014Soccer 
Roger Jefferson 19632003Football and Wrestling 
Joe Johns 19792003 Track-Field 
Jessica Johnson 20042010Tennis 
Roger Johnson 19942004Football 
Sheila Johnson 1987-912013 Women's Basketball 
Greg Kappas 19772012 Baseball 
Charlie Kautz 1947
2012Football Assistant Football Coach
Assistant Athletic Director and Athletic Director
Mike Kaufman 19752007Baseball and Football 
Tom Kies 19882008Golf 
Hunter Kincaid 19351988Basketball and Football 
William King 19932012Football 
Dave Kline 19792009Cross Country and Track 
Catie Knable 20042016Women's Basketball 
Lynn Kochendorfer 19902016Track and Field 
Bob Koontz 19501986Basketball 
Ashley Kroh 20052010Tennis 
Tracy Krueger 19932003Basketball 
Ken "Labo" Labanowski 19812011Basketball 
Tom Langfitt19661986Baseball and Basketball 
Wilson Samuel Lathan Jr. 19601990Football and Track 
Dr. Donna Lawson 1969-801998Head Basketball Coach
Carl Lee 19821995Football and Track 
Russell Lee 19721985Basketball 
Tara Lee 19992009Track 
Byron Leftwich 20022007Football 
Jeanne Noble Lunsford 19952016Softball 
Billy Lyon 19962007Football 
Jack Mahone 19641994Football 
Albie Maier 19541985Baseball and Football 
Sam Manos 19862011Football 
Tim Martin 19962011Baseball and Football 
Katie Stein Mason 2002-052017Volleyball 
Chris Massey 20012015Football 
Ralph May 1962
1999Football and Wrestling Director of M Club
Big Green Executive Director
Harold McCloud 19412005Basketball 
Larry McCloud 19972009Football 
Ray McCoy 19321986Football and Track 
Jackie McKown 19281988Baseball and Basketball 
Shawn McWhorter 19842005Track-Field 
Linden Meade 19591991Golf 
John Milhoan 19601986Basketball 
Claude Miller 19491997Football 
Howie Lee Miller 19651987Football 
Anna Mitina 20022008Tennis 
Jeff Montgomery 19831989Baseball 
Jack Morlock 19391985Football 
Randy Moss 19972010Football and Track 
Deanna Carter-Natale 19781993Basketball and Track 
Randy Noll 19731989Basketball 
Jill Mussman O'Brien 1981-82 & 1984-852014 Volleyball 
Rod O'Donnell 19852009Head Coach Cross Country and Track-Field 
Reggie Oliver 19731984FootballAssistant Football Coach 
Tim Openlander 19962015Football 
Chris Parker 19952000Football and Track 
Lea Ann Parsley 19902002Basketball and Track-Field 
Harold Payne 19771989Golf 
Michael Payton 19921999Football 
Amanda Williams Paz 2003-062017Softball 
Jim Pearcy 19411984Football 
Karen Pelphrey 19861992Basketball 
Chad Pennington 19992010Football 
Tony Petersen 1988;1993-98
1994Baseball and Football Associate Head Coach
Assistant Football Coach
Ed Prelaz 1951
1986Football Head Trainer, Head Wrestling Coach
Assistant Football Coach
Cebe Price 19571986Basketball 
Bob Pruett 1965
1999Football, Track and WrestlingHead Football Coach
Brad Puryear 19852010Soccer 
George Queen 19251990Basketball and Football 
Phil Ratliff 1992
2008Football Assistant Football Coach
Bob Redd 19681988Basketball 
Dr. Jose Ricard 1983-20081995Team Physician
Jule Rivlin 1939
1985BasketballHead Basketball Coach
Jim Roberts 19402002Football 
Dave Robinson 19552003Baseball and Basketball 
Greg Rowsey 19781999Baseball 
Herb Royer 1937; 1938
1985Football Head and Assistant Football Coach
Gary Rusnak 19852001Golf 
Todd Sager 19841997Baseball 
Joe Sassler 19821991Track 
Dr. Robert "Bob" Saunders 1966-881994Head Swimming Coach 
Dick Shepard 19662001Golf 
Jim Sheridan 19772012Swimming 
Ted Shoebridge 19701990Baseball and Football 
Charlie Slack 19561985Basketball and Football 
Bill Smith 19371985Football 
Charlie Snyder 1947
1986FootballHead Football Coach
Andy Socha 19662009 Football 
Judy Southard 1981-922006 Head Basketball Coach
Associate Athletic Director
John Spellacy 19882016 Football 
Tom Stark 1930
1984Baseball, Basketball and Football Assistant Football Coach
Ed Starling 1969-19871992 Assistant Basketball Coach
Associate Athletic Director
Dana St. Claire 19782001Swimming 
John Stephens 19371989Football 
Arlene Stooke 1976-852012Head Track-Field Coach
Roy Straight 1937-491985Assistant Football Coach 
George Stone 19681999Basketball 
Jermaine Swafford 19962012Football and Track-Field 
Jim Swierezek 19541987Baseball and Football 
John Taft 19912003Basketball 
Andy Tonkovich 19481985Basketball 
Mark Taylor 19902003Soccer 
Bill Toothman 19461985Basketball 
Ed Ulinski 19411986Football 
Paul Underwood 19571986Basketball 
Wayne Underwood 19371987Football 
J.R. VanHoose 20022008Basketball 
Dr. Robin Vealey 19762011Basketball 
Keith Veney 1995-972017Men's Basketball 
Glenn Verbage 19711988Baseball 
David Wade 1980-842017Men's Basketball 
John Wade 19972010Football 
Walt Walowac 19541985Baseball and Basketball 
Rusy Wamsley 1961-632017Baseball 
Jim Ward 19621994Golf 
Cristy Waring 19982005Softball 
George Washington 19821987Basketball 
John Watson 19301986Baseball and Basketball 
Darius Watts 20032014Football 
Richard Watts 19772012Cross Country and Track 
Earl Wellman 19351993Baseball and Football 
John Wellman 19471988Student Manager of Basketball and Football
Dan Wells 19792011Football and Track-Field 
Marv Wetzel 19491986Football 
Greg White 1981
1993Basketball Head Basketball Coach
Rucker Wickline 19611989Football 
Tammy Wiggins 19871996Basketball 
Lew Wilcox 19381986Basketball 
Norm "Wild Man" Willey 19492003Basketball and Football 
Tex Williams 19612001Baseball and Basketball 
Neal "Whitey" Wilson 1951-671985Golf Coach Business Manager and Athletic Director
Bill Winter 19641990Football 
Bradley Workman 19192004Baseball and Football 
Bob Wright 19502010Basketball 
Bill Yanossy 19772016Football and Track and Field 
Harry "Cy" Young 19122002Baseball, Football and Track 
John Zontini 19351984Baseball and Football 
Andy Zulauf 19851994Soccer