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Contact Jeremy Rogers at 304-696-3978 or for further information about the M Club or team reunions.


The Marshall University M Club derived from former players, coaches, cheerleaders, managers, Marcos, and trainers of all athletic teams of the University. Winning a letter is not a prerequisite. The M Club welcomes all who participated in the various athletic programs.

Those who pay $50 dollars in annual dues are considered active members, along with the added perk of becoming a Big Green member at the Herd level. There are about 5,000 former Marshall athletic participants who make up the Club, although a marginal number are paid members. We have already increased membership by 184% since the 2009-2010 fiscal year. Within a few years, there is no reason we couldn't have 5,000 active members. We are working hard to achieve this goal and need M Club Members to make it a reality.


The idea of a club of former athletic participants was brought to Marshall by Coach Bob Pruett when he came home in 1995. He had seen similar programs at other schools and believed one could be established at MU. Former football and wrestling standout, Ralph May, served as the founder, as well as its president for its first five years. George Lambros then assumed responsibility and served as president until late 2009. Current president, Steve Williams, was elected by the M Club Board of Directors last fall to lead the club and grow it to a whole new level. He gladly accepted the nomination with promises to improve every aspect of the M Club. Further leadership and oversight is provided by the Board, and over the past 15 years, the club has been blessed by effective and dedicated leadership.


Our mission is "Living the Dream, Creating a Legacy." The mission statement refers to past players, coaches, cheerleaders, trainers, and mascots who lived the dream at Marshall University and now are creating a legacy based on their dreams and motivational aspects. Several goals directed at achieving that mission have been met, but we continue to find new ones to challenge us.

The M Club seeks to assist former athletes by reacquainting them with Marshall. For example, in the past, the club has sponsored team reunion weekends, awarded M Club Blankets to individuals, hosted golf scrambles, and designated an M Club Member of the Year to recognize athletes and coaches who represent the citizen we hope all past, present, and future athletes become. Before home football games the M Club sponsors a tailgate in the Bob Pruett Pavilion located at the southwest corner of Joan C. Edwards Stadium on M Club Drive. The pavilion serves as a place where members and their guests can congregate and socialize with old and new friends who share the same experience of being an athletic participant at Marshall University.


The future of the M Club is limited only by our commitment, imagination and support. We encourage ideas, membership opportunities and financing from members to attack these limitations. If you are eligible, please join us. The M Club holds much potential to further carry out the mission of "Living the Dream, Creating a Legacy."