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Herd All-Access is your online home for the most comprehensive coverage of Marshall sports. Get the games, highlights, press conferences and coaches' shows you want - all in one place!

Premium content: Includes live football, men's basketball, women's basketball, volleyball, baseball, and softball game audio and video, Doc Holliday and Dan DíAntoni call-in shows, football and menís basketball coaches TV shows, football, men's basketball and women's basketball press conferences, and select special features.

Free content: Select game video, highlights, features, interviews and press conferences are also available through All-Access. No account is necessary; simply launch the All-Access player and begin browsing free content.

Please note: In many cases, TV holds exclusive rights to game video preventing the ability to stream live video for football, men's basketball and women's basketball.

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I can't view a live event
If you are having difficulty viewing one of the "All Access/U-Live" Events, we've listed the 6 most common issues that would effect your viewing ability.
  • What are the minimum System Requirements for the Adobe Flash based All-Access player? Click Here
  • What version of the Adobe Flash player do I need installed to view All-Access content? Click Here
  • I know I need to enable cookies for All-Access to function properly. How do I enable cookies in my browser? Click Here
  • What is the recommended version of Java that should be installed on my computer? Click Here
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  • How do I find out how much available bandwidth I have with my current internet connection? Click Here
If you've reviewed and applied the suggested resolutions described in the articles above, and are still having difficulty viewing your event, please call (1.800.781.9444).

Are All-Access monthly subscriptions recurring?
Yes, all All-Access monthly subscriptions are billed on a recurring 30 day cycle regardless of usage until cancelled. Annual subscriptions renew after one calendar year.

I am a paid subscriber but I cannot access any content.
Typically, this is an account related issue such as a credit card failing for payment or an expired subscription; both of which will affect content entitlements.

What is College Network All-Access refund policy? College Network will honor any refund request for an unused annual subscription made within 10 days of purchase or last billing and any refund request for an unused monthly subscription made within 5 days of the purchase or of the last billing.