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The Dancing Thunder

Marshall University Dance Team

The Marshall University Dance team dances on the sidelines at home football, volleyball, and basketball games, make public appearances at community events, and performs at numerous pep rallies and campus events throughout the year.

MUDT consists of a group of energetic young women who enjoy generating school spirit, love dancing, and entertaining fans. The dance team performs at timeouts and halftime with a variety of styles including jazz and pom.

Marshall University Dance Team Tryout

Marshall University will conduct tryouts for the 2018-2019 Marshall University Dance Team. The 2018-2019 MUDT will perform at athletic events as well as other university functions. Please read the following information for expectations and tryout information.

Tryout Dates and Times

Saturday, May 19th 1:30pm-9:30pm Learn Material for tryouts

Sunday, May 20th 9:30am-12:30pm Interview Times 12:30pm-3:00pm Tryouts; List posted by 3:45pm; 4:30-6:30 Practice for those who made the team

This will be conducted in the Henderson Center Main Gym.

Open Gym Sunday May 6th and follow our facebook page for example tryout video

Dress Requirements:

Please do not wear clothing from any other university, dance studio, or high school programs. Other than Marshall related apparel, your practice clothes should be completely neutral of any school or studio affiliation. Also, please do not wear any past MUDT gear to ensure neutrality for all trying out. No jewelry permitted other than studded earrings. All tattoos need to be covered.

Tryout: Fitted tanks in solid green, black, or white. Spandex shorts or leggings in solid green, black, or white. Over-all game day appearance is expected at all times since an appearance score based on collegiate image will be recorded each day of tryouts. Game day appearance- appropriate hair, full/natural makeup, and covered tattoos.

Interview:Business interview attire required for all participants. An appropriate length skirt, dress pants, and nice shirt are all appropriate. A suit is not required.

Skill Requirements:

The minimum required skills to be a member of the Marshall University Dance Team includes the following:

  • Sharp pom motions with proper placement
  • Double Pirouette right and left
  • Splits (right, left, center)
  • Calypso (chaine jete)
  • Leaps
  • Center Leap
  • Fouettes Turns
  • Switch Leaps
  • Toe Touch
  • Jazz Style
  • A la seconde turns

Interview: A five minute slot will be allotted for each individual in front of a panel of judges.Questions are prepared to get to know the participant better, assess strengths and weaknesses, and general Marshall University knowledge.

Sideline Dance: This will be taught the first day of tryouts. It is a dance that will be performed at most sporting events. It will be judged based upon facial expression, control and coordination, technique, strength of movements, knowledge of routine, and crowd appeal.

Jazz Dance: This will be an eight 8-count dance focused on facial expression, control and coordination, style, technique, strength of movements, and knowledge of routine.

Scored Skills: Triple Pirouette, A la seconde turn Combination, Tilt Leap, Chaine Open or circle disk, Toe Touch, Ring Jump Both Sides, Leg Catch/Turning Leg Catch, 2 fouette turns into a pirouette, 2 a la seconde turns into a pirouette

Optional Skills: One may be performed for up to 5 bonus points. Quad Pirouette (4) A la seconde turn Combo with multiple turns, Handspring, Back/Front Walkover, Ariel, Switch open. Other skills may be considered for bonus, but must be approved by judges.

Overall Effect:

Image of a college dancer, well-groomed/physical appearance, and crowd appeal. No visible tattoos of any sort.

Check List for Tryouts:

Copy of current physical form (up to 1 year old)

Enrollment/acceptance letter to Marshall University

Current students: Proof of cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher

Tryout Application Form (copies will be provided the day of tryouts)

Tryout Fee: A $25 tryout fee must be submitted during tryout registration. Please bring cash. If one does not make it past the required skills portion, the $25 may be refunded at that time.

SCHEDULE: MUDT practices two to three times a week for two or more hours during football and basketball season. Practice will begin with a week long preparation camp in the summer and runs until the middle of the spring semester.

MUDT will attend NDA Dance Camp which is mandatory to all members 7/19-7/22

Please contact Laura Ptakowski with questions or concerns regarding tryouts or MUDT at