Big Green Donor the Week: Scott Orthopedic Group

Feb. 11, 2014

HUNTINGTON - This week's Big Green Donor(s) of the week are the doctors from the Scott Orthopedic Center. For more than 85 years, the group has provided the Tri-State area with comprehensive orthopedic care, including caring for some of the best athletes that have come through Marshall University.

The group is an active member of the Big Green and has continued to demonstrate its generosity and support of Marshall Athletics with a pledge to the Vision Campaign.

The doctors who make up the group at Scott Orthopedic are:

Luis Bolano, MD
Kevin Brown, DPM
Adam Dann, DO
Kyle Hegg, MD (MU Sports Medicine Hall of Fame inductee - 2008)
Steven Lochow, MD
Robert Lowe, MD (MU Sports Medicine Hall of Fame inductee - 2009)
Vivek Neginhal, MD
Thomas F. Scott, MD (MU sports Medicine Hall of Fame inductee - 2002)
Jack Steel, MD (MU Sports Medicine Hall of Fame inductee - 2007)
Stanley Tao, MD

*Previous doctors at Scott Orthopedic who are members of the MU Sports Medicine Hall of Fame include Dr. Francis Scott (2001), Dr. Colin M. Crayrhorne (2001), Dr. Earl Foster (2003), and Dr. Daniel E. Carr (2004).

As you can imagine, with multiple doctors who have served the area for as long as they have, it was not fair to expect one uniform answer to our questions. Therefore, in no particular order, here are the answers from this week's Big Green Donors of the Week, the Scott Orthopedic Group:

Chad Pennington - football
Troy Brown - football
Mike Bartrum - football
Taurean Marshall - basketball
Rodney Holden - basketball
Jeff Montgomery - baseball
Jessica Hughes - softball
Aaron Ferguson - football
Will Edwards - football

First NCAA Division I-AA football national championship win over Youngstown State (1992).
1997 win over Toledo in the snow for Mid-American Conference championship
1999 football win at Clemson, 13-10
Randy Moss's 92-yard touchdown at Army (1997).
2001 GMAC Bowl triumph over East Carolina in double overtime



To be able to give back to our community and local university.
To help promote the university, especially the student athletes.
To be part of and give back to the community that has supported our practice for 85 years.