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Big Green Donor of the Week: Don Ray and the WSAZ-TV Team

May 10, 2011

This year the Big Green Scholarship Foundation has shared with you some of our biggest supporters. So many people have aided the cause to fulfill the scholarship needs for the Thundering Herd, from those that have been a part of the Herd family for the past year to those who watched Cam Henderson coach football and basketball. But there are few that have done as much to assist Big Green and the Thundering Herd than WSAZ-TV.

WSAZ has produced the Herd's coaches TV shows, assisted in the video productions at Joan C. Edwards Stadium, and brought us the Southern Conference games back in the `70s into our living rooms. Today Channel 3 brings us both Coach Herrion and Coach Holliday's games into Huntington in High Definition!

The Big Green Dinner, our major fund raising event each year, has benefitted most from the generosity of WSAZ. The work done by Keith Morehouse, Jeff Perry and Edwin Lake goes above and beyond what we could ever ask to make the dinner a first class event for our fans and special guests. We could never pay these guys what they have been worth to the Big Green.

Thanks to Don Ray and the rest of the WSAZ team that gives so much to make the Thundering Herd teams successful!