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Big Green Bonus Priority Point Plan Released

Sept. 14, 2012

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. - The Big Green Scholarship Foundation's Board of Trustees has announced a new Bonus Priority Point plan for Big Green members as part of Marshall University's Vision Campaign for new athletic facilities.

The plan will give Big Green members who are football and men's basketball season ticket holders an opportunity to improve their Big Green Priority Point ranking in order to enhance their seat locations through a reseating process in Joan C. Edwards Stadium and the Cam Henderson Center. Season ticket holders will be able to select their seats and parking based upon their Priority Point total beginning with the reseating process for the 2014 football and 2014-15 basketball seasons.

 A joint statement on the Priority Points plan was issued by Athletic Director Mike Hamrick, Big Green Executive Director John Sutherland, and Big Green Board President Vicki Taylor:

 "After much discussion and research of many other athletic programs across the country, the Big Green Board of Trustees has endorsed a plan that the athletic department will accept. This plan not only rewards our loyal Marshall fans over the years, but also allows those who have given to this critical capital campaign the chance to maintain or improve their seats at football and men's basketball games. In addition to leading the Herd into a new era of competition and success, the Vision Campaign will reward the loyalty of our supporters and their gifts for this historic project, while adding a new element to our seating formula."

 This plan is the largest campaign ever undertaken for Marshall Athletics.

 The key elements in the Bonus Priority Point plan are:

  •  an opportunity to earn Bonus Points to a Big Green member's account through participation in the Vision Campaign while maintaining their current Annual Fund donation. These Bonus Points, acquired with a $1,000 annual gift to the Vision Campaign, will allow members to improve their Big Green rank order, which is used to determine priority in prime seating for Football and Men's Basketball home games, premium parking, requests for additional seating, as well as away game and postseason ticketing, beginning with the 2014 football and 2014-2015 basketball seasons.
  • current season ticket holders will have the option to maintain up to four (4) seats in their current location for men's basketball, eight (8) seats in football, and parking in both sports by making a contribution of $5,000 per year for five years ($25,000) to the Vision Campaign while continuing their current donation to the Big Green Annual Fund.

A Vision Campaign contribution of $10,000 per year for five years ($50,000) and maintaining current Annual Fund contribution will allow season ticket holders with more than four (4) men's basketball and eight (8) football seats to maintain ALL of their current seating, as well as parking.

 *Donors who choose not to participate at a qualifying level (minimum $1,000 annually) in the Vision Campaign will still receive Priority Point credit for all donations to the Vision Campaign.

 How to find out how many Big Green Priority Points you have earned:

If you would like to know your current Big Green Priority Point total, there are three ways you can do so:

 1.   Call the Big Green office at (304) 696-4661, weekdays  between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm

  •  If you have an existing on-line account, simply click here:

2.   If you have an existing on-line account, simply click here:

  •   Enter your email and password and click "Sign In"


3.   Big Green members who have not yet linked their account may do so by clicking  here

  •  Enter your Customer/Big Green number and pin number and click "Activate"

*Your Big Green number can be found on your Big Green card or Football and Basketball season tickets renewals

*Your Pin number can be found on your football and basketball season ticket renewals or by calling the Big Green office

  •  Create your account  and click "Register"


 *Find your Big Green Priority Point Rankings at "Priority Point Central"

*To determine how a gift to the Vision Campaign can affect your Priority Point ranking click on the "Priority Point Calculator"