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Big Green Donor of the Week: Dan Canada

Dan Canada

Sept. 29, 2011

This week's Big Green Donor of the Week, Dan Canada, is a member of the Young Thundering Herd and made the trip to Huntington this weekend with an emotional attachment to both the Herd and the Hokies.

When Virginia Tech rolled into town this past Saturday, both universities took time to reflect on the tragedy that hit Huntington and Marshall University that fall evening on November 14th 1970. Virginia Tech Coach Frank Beamer paid tribute to the lives lost by visiting Spring Hill Cemetery and laying a memorial stone.

Prior to Saturday's game, Marshall honored the late Frank Loria, former Herd coach and Virginia Tech safety, by inviting his family to be the honorary captains and handle the coin flip.

Canada, originally from Pikeville, Kentucky and earned his degree from Marshall in 1974. He also took time to remember former teammates and coaches Saturday. Canada was a freshman on the 1970 team, and due to NCAA rules at the time, was not allowed to travel with the team. Canada remembers the final goodbye, as he had the duty of helping load the team bus before they traveled to ECU. He and his wife Vicki now reside in Christiansburg, VA, where he is spending his retirement after a successful career with Marshall Concrete Products. His son, Scott, and his granddaughter, Danielle, also reside in Christiansburg.

As a member of the Young Thundering Herd team, Dan has become a symbol of triumph that Marshall football continues to honor. His commitment to his university is second to none and we are grateful for the pride and passion he has for the Thundering Herd.

Favorite Marshall Moment

The first time that Marshall University brought back the Young Thundering Herd (in 2005). We stood on the sidelines and watched the squad that year, and it brought back both strong emotions and memories of when we played.

Favorite Marshall Athlete

Howie Carroll, 1971, Football player. Bottom line, Howie was a "man's, man!"

Why do you give to the Big Green



Because it is my duty to re-pay my scholarship. I feel that it is my duty to give back so that when the next Dan Canada comes along and he is struggling, the university will have the financial resources to offer him a scholarship. I can only hope that my contributions to the Big Green will afford someone the same opportunity I got when I was at Marshall.