Chapter Champion

Marshall Atlanta Herd Club members recently traveled to Hattiesburg via the famed Amtrak Crescent for the Marshall-Southern Miss weekender. This was the first big group trip since the bus trips to Chattanooga, Western Carolina, Furman and Georgia Southern. The 37 travelers included Gary Gaudill, Kitty, Bob and Cindy Clarke, Kristen Comer, Ann Cooper, Bruce and Jeanne Eanes, Steve Foster, Jack and Ceilia Freeman, Joe and Pam Gillette, Aubrey and Gaytha Harris, Matt Lombardi, Joe and Lynne McGinley, Tom and Carol Menders, Larry and Donna Moyers, Peggy Peery, Jerry and Joan Pierson, Bill and Brenda Price, Sheldon and Karen Roush, Tom and Sue Russell, Sam and Sue Stanley, Jim and Lynda Summers, Dana Turley and Carla Williams. Meeting the group there were Cathy and David Peeler, former Atlanta Herd Club members and current Hattiesburg residents.

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