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About the Big Green

About the Big Green

The mission and responsibility of the Big Green Scholarship Foundation is to ensure that all 350 student- athletes have an opportunity to receive an education. In order to continue in this mission, we must meet our goal of covering the $5.5 million athletic scholarship cost.

You can help us achieve this goal and make a difference. Through your donation to the Big Green Scholarship Foundation, your gift to the Annual Fund is tax deductible and gives us an opportunity to use revenue generated by other sources, to go back into the athletic programs. This is the driving force behind any successful athletic program.

No gift is too small, but we do ask you to consider what you can do for the Big Green, both as a first time contributor or a yearly donor. The need is great, but there is no doubt our student-athletes are worthy of our commitment to support them as they compete at the highest level Marshall University has ever seen.

You have probably heard it said that athletics is the face of a university, and that is certainly true of Marshall. There has been an athletic tradition we are truly proud of in all sports as far back as our National Association Intercollegiate Basketball Championship in 1937, to national prominence in tennis and football over the past decade.

With a new era upon us in Conference USA and the landscape of college athletics changing as fast as Randy Moss running under a Chad Pennington pass, your donations are critical. The total athletic budget for 2011 is $21 million, including over $5.5 million dollars in scholarship costs alone. With nearly 25% of the overall budget committed to scholarship costs we are continually being challenged to increase our revenues to improve our facilities and enhance all of our sports programs. There is no better time than now to get on board and start making a difference by becoming a member and contributing to the Big Green.

Contact a staff member and ask how you can Make A Difference.

About the Big Green