Raffle Operations

The Big Green is registered and licensed through the WV Department of Tax and Revenue to conduct raffles. A state license is available for review upon request. The winner (there can only be one) must present a valid and unaltered winning ticket. Any alteration to the winning ticket will be grounds for disqualification. The winner must complete and sign a Marshall University internal use form which includes address, telephone, and a valid Social Security Number. If requested, a current government-issued picture identification must be presented. Any tax liability is the sole responsibility of the winner. The winner agrees to allow the release of his/her name and city for media purposes. A check will be sent to the winner at the address specified by the winner. Prizes not awarded during the raffle occasion will be held for 90 days. If 90 days has elapsed and the prize remains unclaimed, no claim will be accepted.

DateGame Ticket Number
Sept. 6Purdue844858 - CLAIMED
Sept. 19Norfolk State019898 - CLAIMED
Oct. 3ODU045067 - CLAIMED
Oct. 9 Southern Miss373355 - CLAIMED
Oct. 24North Texas079468
Nov. 14FIU823553