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Priority Points

Joe Herd has contributed to the Big Green for five (5) consecutive years. His annual giving to athletics is $2,500. He has had both football and basketball season tickets for three (3) years. His Priority Points breakdown is as follows for annual giving:

Big Green Giving and Priority Points

$1,500 in Annual Fund contribution (1 point/$100) = 15 points
$1,000 in QB Club contributions (1 point/$200) = 5 points
5 years consecutive Big Green membership (2 points/year) = 10 points
Football Season Tickets 3 years (2 points/year) = 6 points
Basketball Season Tickets 3 years (2 points/year) = 6 points
Total 42 points

Vision Campaign Gift Impact

In 2012, along with his Big Green gifts, Joe Herd also made a $5,000 commitment to the Vision Campaign over five years ($1,000/year). Because Joe is active in both the Annual Fund program and the Vision Campaign, and maintains his current Annual Fund donation, he can combine his total giving amount (Annual and Vision ) and earn 1 bonus point for every $100 of that total.

In order to earn Bonus Points a member must maintain their current level of giving and make an annual gift to the Vision Campaign of at least $1,000. His cumulative priority point total breakdown is as follows:

$1,000/yr. Vision Campaign contribution (1 point/$100) =10 points
Bonus Point (1 point/$100 of Annual/Vision total) 
1,500 Annual Fund + 1,000 Vision Campaign = 25 Bonus points
Total Vision Points = 35 Points
 42 points
 +35 Vision Campaign Points
2012 Total Points 77 Points

Priority Points Calculator

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