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Marshall Cheerleading Try-Out Information

Tryout this spring to be a member of next year's squad.

March 25, 2013

Tryout ApplicationGet Acrobat Reader | Code of ConductGet Acrobat Reader

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. - Please read below for important information regarding tryouts for cheerleading.

Open gym: March 30, 6-10 p.m.; April 5, 5-9 p.m.

Tryouts: April 19, 5-9 p.m.; April 20, 2-8 p.m.; April 21, 9-12 p.m.

Everything will take place at The Cam Henderson Center


Dress Requirement- Open Gym and Tryouts

Please make sure you DO NOT wear clothing from any other university, all-star, or high school programs. Other than Marshall related apparel, your practice clothes should be completely neutral of any school or gym affiliation. Also, do not wear any past Marshall University cheerleading attire (shirts, sports bras, etc.) to ensure neutrality for all trying out.  Absolutely NO jewelry!

Females: Sports bras or form fitting tanks (no baggy t-shirts) in green, black or white, same color for bows. Black or green shorts are preferred. Over-all game day appearance is expected at all times since an appearance score based on collegiate image will be recorded each day of tryouts. 

Males: Basic t-shirt or dri-fit shirt in green, black or white and black shorts.  Clean-cut appearance is expected as a collegiate image score will be recorded each day of tryouts.  NO cut-off shirts. 

Interview: Business interview attire required for all participants.  Examples will be shown at open gym sessions. 


Skill Requirements/ Interview



Standing tuck

Running pass ending with a tuck or a layout

Running Full

Optional Pass (ex. Whip passes, standings to fulls, front tumbling; all will be assigned different value levels on the score sheet)



Toss hands

Walk-in hands


Stretch; Single down cradle

Double down cradle from any body position (allowed to be assisted)

**Stunts can be performed in any sequence, and after an initial toss hands has been performed, can be approached in any manner that can be hit CLEAN to enhance your score.


All-girl option:

Straight up extension


Stretch; Single down cradle

Double down cradle from any body position

**Stunts can be performed in any sequence and can be approached in any manner that can be hit CLEAN and enhance your score.



Tumbling is not required, but will enhance your try-out score if performed.   



Toss Hands

Walk-in Hand

An extended Stunt with dismount of your choice

7 Thunder Presses (taught at open gyms/ Friday of try-outs)

**Will also be expected to stunt for fight song score



7-minute slots are allotted for each individual interview in front of a panel of judges.  Questions are prepared to get to know each participant better, assess strengths and weaknesses, general Marshall knowledge and more.



Toe touch


Front Hurdler


Other Requirements taught at Tryouts:

Fight Song (Male and Female) Toss to Hands at the end required

Crowd Involvement Cheer (Female)- Developed with your try-out group on Friday evening. Ability to lead and engage a crowd in a collegiate manner will be scored (do not underestimate the importance of this)

4-5 8 count Dance (Female)

Each female will select 3 different males from set "skill groups" to complete their stunt tryout.  Same for males trying out. You are encouraged to stunt with more than one person at open gym to prepare for tryouts. You are only allowed to stunt with athletes trying out for the current season. You cannot bring a partner to tryouts.


Check List for Tryouts

-          Copy of current physical (incoming freshman/transfers)

-          Insurance card/copy of insurance card

-          Enrollment letter of acceptance to Marshall (incoming freshman/transfers)

-          Tryout application form


**The tryout process will be closed, but at open gym dates we welcome parents to stay, watch and ask questions.


Additional Information:

 Video Tryouts

You must audition in person on the designated tryout dates, or arrange to try out at a specified open gym date (approved by the coaching staff). It is our goal to keep the tryout process at an equal advantage for everyone; with that in mind we like to see everyone at tryouts without any preconceived judging due to video submission. 



Marshall University cheerleaders receive scholarships, but the determined amount can be adjusted from year to year, as well as due to changes in a cheerleader's performance, skill level, and over-all GPA.  First year cheerleaders on the Marshall squad will not be eligible for scholarship in their first  semester.   After the first semester, scholarship opportunities may be available based on performance, skill level, and over-all GPA.



The decision to compete will be made on a yearly basis, based on our obligations to our athletic teams and University, academic obligations and fundraising ability.  The primary role our squad performs is supporting our school and its athletic teams, but we believe in a steady balance between both competition and traditional cheerleading roles are the best way to achieve all the goals of Marshall Cheerleading. 


Practice Schedule/Requirements

Cheerleaders practice 3 times a week as well as having mandatory work outs with our Strength & Conditioning staff at Marshall.  Practice times and days may be adjusted due to need of the team or other University obligations.

Cheerleaders cheer for football, volleyball, men's and women's basketball as well as any post season play those teams may be eligible for.