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Cross Country Completes First Meet Against Strong Competition at Morehead

(L) Barkley Castro and (R) Taylor Craigo each recorded top-three finishes for The Herd
Sept. 1, 2017


MOREHEAD, Ky.--The Marshall cross country team opened its season in wet and soggy conditions at the Morehead State Eagle Opener on Friday night. Both teams finished fourth out of four teams against tough competition, including perennial national contenders Eastern Kentucky, Kentucky, and Morehead State.

Both teams ran a 5K race, which for the men's side is the only time it will do so this season. Leading the way individually for the team was a pair of juniors; Daniel Green for the men and Taylor Craigo for the women. Green finished 16th, running in 15:46.1. Craigo finished in 17th, running in 19:48.7.

"Coming into the meet, we knew it would be a rust-buster," assistant coach Caleb Bowen said. "All of the workouts we have been doing have been geared for longer distance races later on in the season. We really trained through this race but I thought everybody did pretty well. We had a great pack, one through four on the girl's side. A great four through seven pack on the guy's side. Now our main goal is to bridge the gaps from three to four for the guys, and four to five on the girl's side. If we can do that, we'll be right where we need to be come championships season."

On the men's side, following Green was sophomore Alex Minor in 25th and Nick Schmidt in 26th. Minor came through in 16:15.4, and Schmidt finished in 16:21.3. Rounding out the top five was a duo of freshmen; Coy Smith (31st; 16:50.2) and Austin Jordan (32nd; 16:55.5).



For the women, junior Adriana Cook finished 19th with a time of 19:57.2. She just edged out senior Barkley Castro, who finished 20th with a time of 19:57.7. Coming through right after them was sophomore Mary Kerby who finished 21st with a time of 20:02.7. Sophomore Mary Eliza Zulauf was the fifth finisher for the team, running in 20:44.1 and finishing 30th.

A full list of finishing places for Thundering Herd athletes is listed below:


(1) 16. Daniel Green   15:46.1

(2) 25. Alex Minor  16:15.4

(3) 26. Nick Schmidt 16:21.3

(4) 31. Coy Smith 16:50.2

(5) 32. Austin Jordan  16:55.5

(6) 34. Josh Endres   16:58.7

(7) 38. Hunter Deem  17:15.0

(8) 39. Nick Salmons 17:32.1

(9) 40. Austin Hamrick  17:35.2

(10) 44. Joe Schwartz  18:13.9

(11) 45. Joel Krznaric  18:24.2

(12) 47. Andrew Looney 18:44.9



(1) 17. Taylor Craigo  19:48.7

(2) 19. Adriana Cook19:57.2

(3) 20. Barkley Castro 19:57.7

(4) 21. Mary Kerby  20:02.7

(5) 30. Mary Eliza Zulauf   20:44.1

(6) 32. Abigail Short 20:53.4

(7) 33. Jane Jensen 21:08.5

(8) 34. Victoria Dent  21:14.1

(9) 37. Allison Short  21:33.3

(10) 41. Alyssa Long  22:19.9

(11) 43. Holly Ackerman  23:02.2

(12) 44. Audreana Lewis  23:24.2



Bowen on Taylor Craigo's performance

"Huge for Taylor and her confidence. Last cross country season she was getting back into shape from injury and illness, so it will be fun to see where she ends up. When we get Adriana [Cook] back to where she needs to be, we will have a killer one through three."

Bowen on Daniel Green's performance

"Dan looked good, he looked smooth the whole time. He went out exactly how I wanted him to go out. He probably doesn't have the speed to hang with the top guys from UK and EKU yet, but at the end of the season when we're running 10K [races] he'll be right there. I was proud of how Alex [Minor] and Nick [Schmidt] went out, that will help them in future races the way they went out."

Taylor Craigo on her and the team's performance

"I'm really proud of the way everyone performed today despite the conditions. It was a great start to the season, and I'm really excited to see how the rest of the season unfolds. We can only go up from here."

Daniel Green on his and the team's performance

"I felt great today, we all went out pretty strong. The freshmen were not scared to go out with us, and that was cool to see. We were all pretty close together. We need to finish stronger, especially because the races will only get longer from here. The footing was a bigger problem than I expected. There weren't too many hills, but the weather did make the footing tough."


The team will return to action Saturday, September 16 at the Commodore Classic hosted by Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. Photos and more will be available soon from the Marshall University cross country team on Twitter and Instagram @HerdTFXC. #IAmBecauseWeAre