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Herd Cross Country Completes Commodore Classic

The Herd will next be in action in Louisville, Ky. on Oct. 3.
Sept. 19, 2015


HUNTINGTON, W.Va. – The Marshall cross country team completed its second meet of the season, the Commodore Classic in Nashville, Tenn.

The men’s team finished 18th out of 20 teams, while the women’s team also finished 18th out of 21 teams.


The meet included teams from the SEC, BIG 10, ACC, AAC, Conference USA and other Division I Conferences.

Marshall’s men’s team was led by freshman Nick Schmidt (Davison, Mich.), who finished in position 63, out of a total of 213 finishing runners. On the women’s side, junior Andrea Porter led the Herd with a 126th place finish, out of a total of 244 finishing runners.

Men’s Results (8k)

63 - Nick Schmidt (26:19)

103 – Daniel Green (26:56)

145 – Drake Seccurro (27:38)

150 – Jordan Browne-Stobbe (27:42)

156 – Tony Hayes (27:51)

167 – Brian Salmons (28:23)



200 – Andrew Looney (30:12)

Women’s Results (5k) 126 – Andrea Porter (18:57)

144 – Adrianna Cook (19:15)

165 – Taylor Craigo (19:33)

175 – Victoria Dent (19:41)

195 – Barkley Castro (20:15)

199 – Alexandria Phares (20:21)

202 – Amber Govey (20:30)

216 – Madeline Armstrong (21:08)

219 – Samantha Graffius (21:21)

221 – Rachel Morris (21:32)

224 – Isabelle Rogner (21:45)

225 – Jane Jensen (21:46)


Assistant Coach Caleb Bowen on the meet:

“I believe we did pretty well today in the face of really good competition. We raced against teams like Michigan, Ohio State, Ole Miss, Clemson and Tennessee among other really big schools. Racing these teams will make us better.”

“On the men's side the freshman duo (Nick Schmidt and Dan Green) performed well. Also, junior Drake Seccurro stepped up and ran a solid race. On the Women's side Sophomore Andrea Porter led the team with an 18:57 run, which is a season best. Plus, freshmen Adriana Cook and Taylor Craigo ran very good races as well.”

“I think this meet was a great experience to prepare our teams for bigger, more important meets in the future.”


The Herd will run in the Greater Louisville Classic in Louisville, Ky. On Saturday, Oct. 3.