Baseball's Yeager Wins 2008 Herd Challenge

Sept. 5, 2008

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. - Marshall University senior Adam Yeager finished the 2008 Herd Challenge with an overall score of 47 points after the four-day skills competition to earn first place honors.

Andrew Blain scored 45 points to earn the second spot, while Brandon Casamassima and Cam Dunlavy totaled 41 points apiece, while Arik Sikula finished in fifth with 39 points.

The challenge is broken down into a series of individual and team events that test the student-athletes' athleticism and skill level. These events range from a mile run, to a 15-pound medicine ball throw, to plate holds, a series of agility tests, and the gauntlet, held on the final day of competition. Players were awarded five points for finishing an event in first place, four points for second place, three points for third, two points for fourth and one point for fifth place.

Yeager started off the challenge with a 4.17-second second place finish in the pro-agility competition on day one, and finished second in the 60-yard dash with a time of 6.60 seconds. On day three, he registered a 3.60-second home-to-first time to take second place, before earning a 4:01 in Friday's gauntlet event to finish with 47 points for the challenge.

Other highlights included a 5:47 mile on day one from Sikula, a 49.6-foot medicine ball throw from Rhett Stafford, 123 medicine ball touches from Kenny Socorro and 124 push-ups from Eddie Rush. The team challenge on day one was won by Josh Valle, Blake Sanders, Brock Neil, and Austin Coan. Day two saw the team of Thor Meeks, Socorro, Kyle Blank and Eric Semeniuk earn top honors. Blank and Semeniuk joined with Chad Johnson and Kevin Shackelford to win the team challenge on day three.




Yeager 47
Blain 45
Cass 41
Dunlavy 41
Sikula 39
Church 35
Socorro 34
Blank 34
Johnson 33
Mason 31
Kadish 31
Kiel 31
Gatrell 31
Meeks 30
Tate 28
Straily 28
Shackelford 28
Sanders 28
Farrell 27
Jurevicus 27
Frith 22
Rush 21
Semeniuk 16
Coan 14
Stafford 13
Mooney 12
Valle 12
Neil 8
Williams 7
Moore 7
Brito 6
Gomez 5