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Baseball Completes Herd Challenge

Felix Marte

Nov. 18, 2011


HUNTINGTON, W.VA. - Marshall Baseball wrapped up the 5th annual Herd Challenge earlier this week and Isaac Ballou was pronounced the Herd Challenge winner for his performance during the three-day event.

The competition entailed nine individual events including Pro-Agility, Med Ball Throw, Home Plate To 1st Timed Run, Star Drill, Plate Holds, Sit-Ups, Four Corner Cone Drill, Bat Speed, Broad Jump, and the 30 Second Cone Hop.

There were also three group events including Tug-of-War, Sled Carry, and the Caterpillar Push Up.

The last and final event was the Gauntlet, which consisted of a timed session of bleacher runs, 75 lb. Farmer's Walks, 45 lb. plate pushes, tractor tire flips, and sprints. Joe Church earned the Gauntlet title with a time of 4:29, but Isaac Ballou followed closely with at 4:30 mark.

Isaac Ballou was crowned the Challenge winner after collecting 71 points during the competition. He is the 5th annual winner and follows in the footsteps of former winners Justin Maynard (2010), Rhett Stafford (2009), Adam Yeager (2008), and Andrew Blain (2007).

Event Winners

Pro Agility: Josh King (3.46)

Med Ball: Joe Church (43.3)

Home to 1st: Isaac Ballou (3.75)

Star Drill: Gray Stafford (7.5)

Plate Holds: Eric Semeniuk (41.6)

Sit-Ups: Felix Marte (71)

4-Corner: Robert Fajardo (4.42)

Bat Velocity: Eric Escobedo (96)

Broad Jump: Josh King (9'0)

30 Sec. Cone: Joe Church (74)

Tug-of-War: Semeniuk, Fernandez, Helmburg, Farris

Sled Carry: Semeniuk, Fernandez, Helmburg, Farris (1.19.98)

Caterpillar: Ballou, King, Fajardo, T. Moore, Blair (14)

Gauntlet: Joe Church (4:29)

Total Points: Isaac Ballou (71)