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Kyle Kessler Wins 2012 Herd Challenge

Marshall head baseball coach Jeff Waggoner

Dec. 12, 2012

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. -- Marshall baseball wrapped up the sixth annual Herd Challenge earlier this week, and junior right-handed pitcher Kyle Kessler was named the winner after accumulating 362 total points. 

The three-day event featured medicine ball tosses, plate pinches, various plate and sled pushes, timed wall sits, and the gauntlet. 

Kessler won three events (three-lap plate push, two-lap plate push, and the gauntlet) outright while sharing the one-lap plate push victory with four others. 

Senior outfielder Isaac Ballou, who won the 2011 Herd Challenge, won four events and came in third place overall.  Junior transfer Johnathan Beary finished second with 332 total points. 

Other individual event winners were senior southpaw Wayland Moore (plate push) and freshman David Diaz-Fernandez (wall sit). 

Junior Ryan Hopkins, sophomores Eric Escobedo and Mardu Smith, and freshman Micah Dunn all tied with Kessler for the victory in the one-lap plate push. 

Top five overall finishers:

  1. Kyle Kessler (362)
  2. Johnathan Beary (332)
  3. Isaac Ballou (302)
  4. Gray Stafford (273)
  5. Andrew Dundon (261)

Top five gauntlet finishers:

  1. Kyle Kessler (100)
  2. Johnathan Beary (90)
  3. Chase Vogelbach (80)
  4. Andrew Dundon (70)
  5. Gray Stafford (70)

Previous Herd Challenge winners:

Isaac Ballou (2011)
Justin Maynard (2010)
Rhett Stafford (2009)
Adam Yeager (2008)
Andrew Blain (2007)