Marshall-Ohio Quotes

Jan. 3, 2007

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Marshall head coach Ron Jirsa
"It was a great finish. It certainly felt like a different finish with the margin. Tre (Whitted) got hot. I don't know if he got the defense going or if it was the defense that got him going. I liked our pluck. I know it is only two games but we have been playing very hard on defense.
"We needed to move some people around. We did a better job in the second half. There are sophisticated defense all around the country. Our players have to make quick adjustments against teams that play that zone and we made some adjustments in the second half in order to make some shots. We were able to solve it well enough to win.
"We trapped (Leon Williams) from the start. Robbie (Jackson) played well at the bottom of the trap. We were able to hold them down and play without fouling. We did enough against the zone. If we were able to hit more of our free throws, there would not have been so much drama."

Tre Whitted
On what got him going
"It was a combination of things. First I want to thank God. Before the game I prayed that I would be strong. Second I have to thank my teammates for continuing to have confidence in me. Coach Blakeney and I played a shooting game yesterday in practice and that really helped my confidence."
On beating Ohio
"It's really special. We haven't beaten OU since my freshman year. I told Coach MacKinnon yesterday that this was my last chance at them. It was a big win for us. Now we have a big game with George Washington coming up."
Chris Ross
On the foul shooting problems
"It's just concentration. We shoot a good percentage overall and everybody is in the 75-80 percent range. We just shot 200 free throws yesterday morning. We just aren't concentrating. We need to shoot like everyone is for the game winner."
On the gameplan
"We worked all week on stopping Leon Williams. We wanted to double team him and make him throw it out. We worked hard on No. 4 as well and he got hot in the first half so we have to make some adjustments."
Ohio head coach Tim O'Shea
"You have to give Marshall a lot of credit. We made mistakes but they seized the moment. They won the game. Marshall upped their intensity and seized the victory. I have to give Ron (Jirsa) and his staff a lot of credit. We have a big conference game Saturday, and I hope this will help us get ready to play in terms of playing at a high level."
On the second-half run
"Marshall started bombing threes from all over. They were tough shots and it gave them a lot of momentum. The crowd exploded and their intensity level went from about a five to a nine. It shows what a tough environment Marshall can be when the crowd gets into it."
On the differences from the first game
"I wouldn't say they were so much different, but they made more shots. They seem to be a team that goes on a lot of runs. They will be cold for awhile, then get hot. They will go on like a 20-2 run then the other team goes on a run. Tonight they were able to make their shots."