Tulsa 69, Marshall 52

Jan. 18, 2014

Recap |  Final Stats

Tom Herrion, Marshall coach
Opening Statement
“This was a game that was obviously a tale of two halves. The first half we guarded our tails off defensively. We’re struggling offensively. Our defense left us in the second half and Tulsa shot an astronomical number. They scored 49-points in the second half. We have no level of consistency on the defensive side of the floor. I think we contributed to that by panicking and shooting the ball quick, along with taking some bad shots. It was a poor combination and we clearly had a bad stretch in the second half there following the Ryan Taylor technical foul. There was an eight-point swing in that stretch. That obviously didn’t help us. Our young kids have to continue to learn to control ourselves, not beat ourselves. I thought this game was another example of us beating ourselves. No disrespect to Tulsa, but we beat ourselves. Nobody to blame, but ourselves. This was another painful afternoon. It is frustrating to say the least. We have to learn and continue to grow from it. We have to gain experience through experiences and move forward.”

On changing the starting lineup
“We were going to shake the lineup up anyway. Ryan Taylor couldn’t practice yesterday and that’s why he didn’t start. We practiced yesterday and he and Tamron Manning were unable to practice and were ‘no contact.’ If you don’t participate in practice then you can’t start. There wasn’t anything there. We were going to shake it up no matter what. We might have done it more if we had more healthy guys. We’re trying to find some answers, clearly.”



On the game turning following the Ryan Taylor technical foul
“We melted. We hit adversity. It hit us right in the face and we caved in as a group. No one feels worse than Ryan (Taylor) right now, clearly. It was an extremely poor decision in the timing, but you have to respond, you have to rally and we didn’t do that. We caved in and we crumbled. Which is really not a good feeling to say the least.”

On how to coach those mistakes out of a young team
“You have to learn from it. We’ll hash it over when we meet again on Monday. We’ll bring that particular young man in to see some things. Tulsa had the same thing happen to them and they didn’t crumble. One of their kids got his fifth foul in a similar situation.”

Chris Thomas, sophomore guard
On how the technical foul on Taylor changed the game
“It kind of ended our momentum, but we still should have won that game. We couldn’t get stops when we needed to get stops. Our momentum went down and they started hitting shots, raising their momentum up. We couldn’t hold (onto) the win.”

On what was working in the first half to go into halftime with a 25-20 lead
“We were getting stops. That’s what was working in the first half. We got stops. We were getting out in transition and scoring. The crowd was loud and in the game early. We felt good in the first half. The second half we came out slow. Our tempo wasn’t what it should have been and Tulsa got hot.”