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Postgame Quotes

Feb. 13, 2013

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Marshall Head Coach Tom Herrion

On last minute drive by Kane to the basket:

“They went man for the first time. We held and ran clock and went with about twelve on the shot clock. We like to run that play often vs. man to man, but we would not against run if they were to stay in the zone. Nigel (Spikes) did a great job with the screen, he is so good at that, and of course (DeAndre) Kane finishing and making the free throw was big for us.”

On calling timeout on last-second inbound:

“After Rice called timeout we had our press breaker offensive set. However, they came out and did something that surprised me, so I called timeout and we ran our play against that coverage and executed it perfectly, especially with such a short clock.”

On Free Throws:

“We did a great job in the second half shooting 73 percent, 10-of-11 down the stretch making them when they count; we realize we leave way to many points on the board. We’re proud of our kids Nigel stepping up and Tamron (Manning) as a freshman knocking them down were huge. “

On adjustments in the second half:

“We were trying to do a lot of different things and that always doesn’t work into better percentages, need to work on it as a staff and players learning and spending extra time. Have to keep getting better.”

One going inside against the zone: 

“We did a good job earlier; however we just didn’t convert dropped some passes. We get skittish at times however tonight we did a great job showing patience 45 shots in a game in not a lot. Kane did a great job impacting the game with only taking three shots, finished with ten assists however we could have easily had 15 or 16. We were really good offensively I thought tonight. Big win for our club we need that and to have a taste of victory.”

Rice Head Coach Ben Braun

Opening Statements:

“I thought our team really battled tonight, obviously playing against a really tough interior team. They have a size advantage in every position and I thought our guys battled pretty hard. [Marshall] has some talented players and hit some big shots against us. I wish we had a few more seconds on the clock and had a chance at the end of the game with a possession to go to knock down a shot. But our guys did battle. For us to put five guys in double figures with 16 assists and eight turnovers against a team that pressed us the entire game, our team fought pretty well.”

On the defensive switch from zone to man:

“We were thinking about a foul at that point. We thought that maybe you give up one for two and then we had a couple come down, but we didn’t want so much time to come off of the clock. DeAndre (Kane) was already at the rim and it was too late so we had to make a decision. He makes such big plays, and that was a huge play for them. When a player gets 10 assists for the night, that’s pretty good basketball, and I admire that. DeAndre had gotten five points, but he had 10 assists. He made some things happen for his team.”

On their zone keeping Marshall out of the inside for a while:

“We tried. We didn’t always get there. I thought we switched up a little bit. We had a few different coverages in our zone. For the most part, we were willing to give up some contested threes, although they were knocking some down. We did some things that I think kept Marshall at bay, but in the end, their size advantage was a factor. They got to the foul line. Their shooting percentage hasn’t been great, but I always tell our team, I’d rather get to the foul line and miss a few, than to make all of your shots, and get to the foul line only a couple times. I think DeAndre had a lot to do with that.”