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Middle Tennessee 56, Marshall 53

Feb. 22, 2014

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Tom Herrion, Marshall coach
Opening statement
"This song is getting old. We got beat by the three-point shot. Again."

On the play call for the last Marshall possession with a chance to tie
"It was bad execution. My fault I guess. I didn't explain it well enough. I wanted to get Ryan Taylor off the screen and use Kareem Canty as a decoy. It was horrible execution and I'll take the responsibility on that."

On Middle Tennessee switching causing problems for the Herd
"The middle of the second half they (Middle Tennessee) switched ball screens and that stagnated us a bit. We didn't adjust to it until a little bit later and then we started driving the ball again. We got caught playing side-to-side on the switches and tried to force it into Taylor on a switch match or take it big off the top. We just got very stagnate in that stretch."

On Middle Tennessee warming up late from three-pointer and Herd offense sputtering
"It was in that late stretch and then we started driving again and getting to the bucket. We drove it and tied the game. Our last couple baskets were off of good drives. Three of the last four baskets for Middle Tennessee I believe were three-pointers. The one that wasn't was on the free throw line. You have to make winning plays. Winning plays are on both sides of the floor. Three-seconds and you have to get a stop. We didn't."

On the improvement of finishing in the lane for the Herd
"We gave up so many points in the paint early in the game. We had good drives and they were either blocked or misses. You have to put the ball in basket."

On the physicality of the game
"It was fine. I was fine with it. We shot ten-free throws and they shot 5. It was no different either way. At the end of the game we were down three-points and the only opportunity for us was to go for the three-pointer. We only had two team fouls. We couldn't go for two and then foul to stretch the game. It was bad execution on the final play and I take responsibility."

On Chris Thomas not starting
"He was late for a team meeting. That is why he did not start today. He did have a great day, but that was a coach's decision."