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Postgame Quotes

Feb. 23, 2013

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Head Coach Tom Herrion

Opening Statement

“We were so in-efficient on offense. We missed 42 field goals and 11 free throws. Also, never had a team shoot 19 percent in the first half let alone any half. Defense was more than good enough to win tonight. Although we did miss a critical free throw block out late and that really hurt us. We missed everything tonight, lay-ups, jumpers, threes. Sometimes we just have to find a way. We dug ourselves a big hole and we fought back which I was real proud of, but just didn’t play smart down the stretch.”

On shot selection and pressing shots

“They played 38 minutes of zone, and we missed a lot of shots, at one point missed 19 shots in a row. Had a lot of good shots early that we missed, than we started to press a little I feel and took a few bad shots. 42 missed field goals started the second half going inside and we miss two or three lay ups. Again gave up to many points on the foul line.”

On shooting threes

“It’s always been a part of our game. We have two really good shooters, and they had some good looks. Throwing the ball inside is also a major part but when you throw inside and miss lay-ups and free throws those are empty possessions as well. It wasn’t just three-point shooting. What if we made half of our free throws?”

On final 10 seconds (loose ball steal)

“After the steal calling a timeout in a scramble mode is kind of damn if you do damned if you don’t. Tamron did a good job on defense but knowing how much time was left on the clock and took a shot with five seconds left. I’ll  have to go back and look at the film to see what other options were there, maybe skip pass. Did a nice job forcing the turnover and give ourselves a chance not a great one but a chance. We practice this situation a lot in practice switching screens going for and forcing steals.”