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Marshall 64, East Carolina 61

March 2, 2014

Recap |  Final Stats

Tom Herrion, Marshall coach
Opening statement
"I would say this was a pretty entertaining game. I'm really, really proud. This is an outstanding win. You might be tired of hearing it, but I couldn't be more proud of the group of men that is in that locker room. We came out with great energy and jumped them (ECU) a little early. Then we took a few punches and the middle to end of the first half they went up eleven points. We just strapped up and started challenging them. We went man (defense) all down the stretch. Our defense was much better. It was outstanding in the second half. I felt Chris Thomas did a phenomenal job defending ECU's Akeem Richmond. I think Chris had his most complete game as a member of the Herd. On both ends of the floor he challenged him (Richmond). Akeem is a lethal player. It was a nice job and good win for us. We had eighteen assists on twenty-two baskets. We were unselfish, but we make it hard on ourselves. We don't finish. That said, the biggest play of the game was Ryan Taylor's and-one that put us up by one point. We fouled too soon on that first late game possession with Shawn Smith. It was an outstanding win. It was critical for us to get one here at home. Now we head into the last game of the regular season against Charlotte here on Senior Night."

On the halftime speech
"We're so fragile right now. It was counsel aggressive and we've used that before. I was very direct with them. We've been very good in our zone. They really hurt us in the zone at the high-post because of Richmond. Caleb White got off and he is a really talented freshman. We put a guy in the high-post in the zone because we were so scared of Richmond. That was the adjustment they made. Our man defense in the first half was very poor. We told them coming out of halftime that we weren't going to press and that were going to really dig in and go back to basics. We switched a little bit defensively in our man. We were dominant rebounding and it's nice to see our team rebound like that. I haven't seen that in a long time."



On the Herd's composure facing adversity
"I think they're playing with much more poise. Name a situation and we've been in it. Many of those situations haven't gone our way, but we managed the game very well late. Out of the timeout we did a great job getting the ball to Shawn Smith out of that set play and he passed it to the mid-post for Ryan Taylor. It was a big and-one. We just haven't been a tremendous finishing team. We leave so many points around the rim. I thought Shawn Smith was really good today. His only missed basket was the missed dunk. We had a lot of contribution and it was nice to dominate the offensive glass. We had only twelve turnovers. Again this was a very good win and I'm extremely proud of our kids."

Ryan Taylor, freshman forward
On 2nd half changes
"Towards the end of the first half we switched from the zone to man and we were having some success with it so we played more of it the second half. I think that really disrupted them on the offensive end."

On staying in contention through the big runs
"Composure. Even though we went up 20-7 early in the first half we knew the game wasn't over right then and there. Games like that aren't going to be won off of big runs, we just stayed calm and played our game and came out with the win."

On the Herd's development of late game composure
"With us being a young team and being tested in all those close games that we lost we just learned over time how to close games out now and how to keep our composure. I think if we were in this game early in the season we would have lost. But because we've been in so many close games we've learned how to get out of them with a win and that's what happened tonight."

Chris Thomas, sophomore guard
On the final defensive play
"Well they set two screens for him (Akeem Richmond) and I got stuck on the first one but the second player didn't really screen me so it gave me time to recover to my man and he's only six-feet tall and I'm 6'5" so I just used my length to make it a tough shot."