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Marshall Postgame Quotes

Oct. 28, 2013

Recap |  Final Stats

Tom Herrion, Marshall Head Coach
Opening statement
"Obviously it was really good to play against someone else after 22 straight days of practice. With the start of practice being earlier this year it's a lot of practice but tonight I got a feel of our play and I'm just so happy with how hard we played. We have to play hard. That needs to be our DNA. Our press was very effective tonight not just in terms of turnover, but with a speed of play. It got them uncomfortable."

"We were very skittish early with so many new players, which is expected, but our depth was key for us tonight and will be a strength of ours. Obviously we have a long way to go with leaving so many points on the foul line. We have to correct that and get better in that area. It was a good night for us. The positives outweighed the negatives a lot of players had a lot of good moments for us".

On style of defense
, we weren't great tonight with some of our slides and rotations, but again it's good to play against a different look and team. We played with such energy, and did a great job chasing the ball and forcing tempo, which is exactly what we are trying to do.  The press led to turnovers and some quick shots which sparked our offense and allowed us to get into the open floor for some easy buckets".

On what this game means moving forward
"It means I have a lot of ammunition for film on Wednesday, we have a long way to go, but it's a good start, we want to be the hardest working team in America, I was so pleased with how hard we played tonight."  

Ryan Taylor, Freshman Forward
On first real game against another opponent
"I was tired until the first media timeout but it felt good getting back out there after being off a year and watching last year. Last year was a long season for everybody, even the Herd faithful. I like what we did out there today. We played as a team. We didn't really care about who scored and we weren't selfish with the ball. We went out there and had fun."



On getting used to each other on the home court, working together
"We were still off a little bit as you could see with our lobs and our turnovers. I don't know how many we had but Coach was saying in the huddle we always don't have to go for the homerun play as in the lobs, or the highlights, but I mean it's our first exhibition game and we still have maybe a week of practice and a scrimmage coming up here soon. I mean after that, toward mid-season, I believe we can gel together and we'll just be clicking at all cylinders."

On defensive steals, what to expect defensively for the season
"Just like last year we were big, kind of slow at the 5 position but we have a lot of interchangeable pieces as you see, we went small with TyQuane (Goard) at the 5 and Coach just wants us to press more this year, and he just wants us to get our opponents rattled in the first half and just make them lose their legs in the first half so we can just dominate the game in the second half."

On defensive steals, what to expect defensively for the season
"Whatever it takes to win. Take charges, diving on the floor, I mean it won't hurt us too bad, we'll go and get ice after the game. Just all in right there for the 40 minutes so we can come out with a win."

On forced shot clock violation with under five minutes to go
"We just want to play every possession as our last. If there's 35 seconds on the shot clock we want to play our hardest defense for 35 seconds. If it's five, we want to play the best defense we can. Because in our books that's a turnover when we force them to get a shot clock violation. So the more turnovers we get, it's better for us on our end.

Shawn Smith, Junior Forward
On getting used to each other on the home court, working together
"We start getting used to each other during the summer pick-ups so we already had that bond and we already knew what each other can do and stuff like that. It was an easy adjustment."

On defensive steals, what to expect defensively for the season
"That's what coach wants us to do, mainly. He talked about defensive, he wants us to play fast and be the hardest working team on the court getting steals, and rebounds and transitions and win games. I mean that's what you want."