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Marshall Postgame Quotes

Nov. 12, 2013

Recap |  Final Stats

Tom Herrion, Marshall Head Coach
Opening statement
“We took care of business. We executed a little bit better, but we still have a long way to go in that department, and tonight was a good step for us. What excites me the most, is what this team can become.”

On shooting threes compared to last game
“We adjusted very well tonight. They played more man-to-man unlike South Carolina State, which was mostly in zone the whole game. We were ready to play tonight. No matter who it was, we were ready to play.”

On being consistent throughout the game
“We played very well tonight through the course of the game, which is something we talked a lot about. For a lot of these players, it is still only their second career game. It’s a process each game. In practice, day-to-day, this team is evolving. For a few stretches, defensively, we let down for a little. I was a little disappointed with that towards the end.”

On playing Morehead State on Sunday
“I’m excited for the opportunity. I remember how they played here last year, and I expect a hostile environment there. This will be a great thing for our team. We are going to need to take care of the ball, and we are equipped with so many versatile ball handlers. We have been practicing our free-throw shooting, and we will continue to get better in that regard.”

Elijah Pittman, senior forward
On being named Conference USA Co-Player of the Week
“I just come in the gym and work hard. I just keep working. I thank my teammates for passing me the ball and trusting me. It’s the same thing every game.”

On more recording points than minutes
“I was looking to attack more, to shoot the jumper today because of the size difference. I treated it like every other game to be honest with you.”



On the next game at Morehead State
“That’s a bigger team, physical team. They’re going to get out there like we’re going to get out there for 40 minutes. Whoever plays the hardest and plays the best is going to win it.”

On the Morehead State arena being small and loud
“We like it. We like it to be loud in the gym.”

On not taking Rio Grande for granted
“Our coach says no matter who we play, no matter who it is, he wants our focus level to be unreachable. He wants us to pay attention in walk-throughs. I feel like this team really does a lot, and they care about who we play, no matter who it is.”

Kareem Canty, redshirt freshman guard
On turnovers being down
“Me and coach talk about it in practice all the time. At the end of practice, he makes me run if I have more than four turnovers. That’s what I go into the game thinking about, getting my turnovers down.”

On being an efficienct offense
“Just take good shots. I’m in the gym a lot, so hopefully those shots drop.”

On Morehead State
“We’re going to go out there and see what we’re really made of. We’re brothers on the court. It’ll be a good test for us.”

Chris Thomas, sophomore guard
On first double figure scoring
“It felt good. I’m glad we got the win. I’m not worried about scoring, as long as we win. This was a good win, and I’m ready to move on to the next one.”

Austin Loop, redshirt freshman guard
On scoring his first career points
“It felt good. It was exciting. It was good to get a second win.”

On getting a dunk
“No, didn’t expect it. Thanks to Kareem here.”