Marshall Postgame Quotes

Nov. 21, 2013

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Tom Herrion, Marshall coach
Opening statement
“It was a poor job by us tonight shooting free throws and it cost us the game. We did not intend to foul him that deep with less than a second on the clock, and the plan was to foul him in the back court like we did the possession before. It was poor execution on our part and that comes back to me, I take full responsibility for that. It was another frustrating night for us and we have a young team learning how to finish games.”

On poor shooting in overtime
“They went to a zone a little and we settled for a lot of quick shots early. We missed a few easy ones as well.”

On struggling at the free throw line
“It’s frustrating, the other night we went to Morehead and shot well and tonight we did not. It’s just so frustrating, it’s not like they are going up there trying to miss. It’s just painful for everyone, especially those kids.”

Tamron Manning, sophomore guard
On Jacob Parker’s open looks
“I was surprised. We just had a lot of defensive breakdowns. He got open on a lot of slips, fake screens, and cuts to the basket. It was mainly our fault and a lot of defensive breakdowns. I was surprised he got that wide open.”

Kareem Canty, redshirt freshman guard
On another overtime loss and getting back on the right track
“We’ve got to stop giving the game away. The last two games, we gave the game away in the last couple seconds. We’ve got to just learn from it and move on and bounce back on Saturday.”

On early free throw misses
“Free throws are kind of mental so if you miss a couple in a row and go to the line it’ll be in the back of your head. I tried to tell the guys keep shooting the next one, don’t worry about the last one.”

On defensive change ups and shots not falling in overtime
“It was just shots not falling honestly. I couldn’t buy a bucket, they were closing out on (Elijah) Pittman hard today. In overtime we just didn’t have any rhythm.”