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Marshall Postgame Quotes

Nov. 26, 2013

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Coach Tom Herrion
Opening Statement
“The folks that showed up, and you all [media], were treated to a tremendous non-conference game in November. It was a high-level game. They’re a really good team. There is a reason they are picked to win the Sun Belt. There is a reason they’ve been to back-to-back NCAA tournaments. It was a terrific win for us. I’m really proud of our group. They [WKU] were shooting 100 percent at one point through one of the media timeouts. So, our defense won the game tonight – 22 percent field goal percentage defense in the second half, plus two in the glass. Our defense won the game. I thought we were outstanding. Western Kentucky is a tough team to guard. We did a really poor job on [T.J.] Price early – let him loose, which you can’t do. [George] Fant is so hard to guard. We were in foul trouble. They [WKU] were in trouble. We had so many guys step up. We had a fifth year senior [Yous Mbao], who I barely played the last two games, and I kept telling him to be ready. We wouldn’t have won the game tonight without Yous Mbao, folks. I don’t care what stats you look at, we wouldn’t have won without him.  I’m really proud and happy for him. I’m happy for a lot of guys, we made a lot of plays tonight. The free throws were terrific. We made them when they counted. It’s nice to see the ball go through the net for these guys. They work really hard. We’ve taken 2,800 free throws in the last 48 hours outside of practice as a team. It paid off, now we just need to be consistent. I don’t have any grip on the [Elijah] Pittman situation, I haven’t seen it. I’ll look at it. I’ll deal with it. So, there will be no comment regarding his situation at this point, until I get an idea of what is going on.”

On Kareem Canty and Chris Thomas taking over the game
“I’ll be honest with you. They jumped us early. We had the situation, but I never felt we were out of sorts. Even though the score was a little discrepant, I felt good. I think our kids are growing up before our eyes. Canty and a couple of the guys, early and late, played with a lot of poise. They handled the game well down the stretch. We didn’t play too skittish. We’re getting better, and that’s the most important thing, but we have a long way to go. We had guys step up. Shawn Smith did us a great job in the second half. He hit a big three to start the second half. A lot of things are coming into my head, but I think it was a great overall effort from our group.”

On help defense
“We were in good position. We scrambled well in our rotations. I thought we did a good job in that regard. I think the biggest problem I had was how we started the game, defensively. We just let them score. We had no resistance. We kind of played soft to start the game, which is atypical of my team.”

Kareem Canty, redshirt freshman guard
On how the team regrouped after Pittman’s ejection from the game
“I huddled the group and told them ‘We have to battle.’ We knew it was going to be a tough game, and we had to teach ourselves how to win without him. I told Chris [Thomas] ‘Do what you do. Be the CT I knew in high school. Kill and get to the bucket and we will win.’”

Going into halftime on an 8-0 run
“They gave us their best punch, and they expected us to fall because we’re a young team, but we’re a bunch of fighters. We go to war with each other day in practice and we went to war tonight on the court.”

On Chris Thomas’ standout performance
“People like to try and take Elijah [Pittman] and myself out of the game, and forget that Chris Thomas is still in the game and he was a big time scorer in high school. I just always tell him ‘I need you. Do what you do, because I’ve got you.’ And he showed up tonight, for sure.”

Chris Thomas, sophomore guard
On being down 24-8 at the start of the game
“We’ve been in this situation before, and we have to stay together. Even if they would have come out 10-0 on us, there is still 30 minutes left to play and we kept playing together as a team. That’s how we succeeded and that’s how we got the win. Some people had to step up, and they did, and we just had to play the game of basketball.”

On starting his second consecutive game
“I wasn’t waiting for it. I just play my game every day and come out every day doing what I can do to win. I’m just happy to be here and to be playing.”

Yous Mbao, redshirt senior center
On guarding the forwards Fant and Price
“I’ve seen a lot of big bodies before. I’m used to guarding big bodies. It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last time. I just do what we do in practice every day and keep grinding.”