Marshall Postgame Quotes

Dec. 8, 2013

Recap |  Final Stats

Opening Statement
I thought we ran into a little bit of a buzz saw. Give Penn State a lot of credit this afternoon. I thought our quick shots, our bad offense, really lead to tremendously poor defense in transition. Got exposed early and often transition defense let them get too many easy baskets, get their confidence going. We know how good an offensive team they are. Defensively, we were really poor today. Contributed mightily to giving up 90 points, not going to win many games giving up 90, home or away. We just don’t grasp that yet. We have to be ready to play. I thought they jumped us early, had a couple good looks early we didn’t drop but we had such poor balance defensively. Our transition defense was really, really poor. They handle the pressure well, first team that’s kind of craved us up against our pressure. We were scrambling to get back in the game, our kids did a good job fighting at the end, but you can’t take that big a hole against anybody.

On Penn State's transition offense
They’re a transition team especially with Tim and we knew that. Transition defense starts at your offense whether you’re taking quality shots where your defensive balance is, when you take a shot, etc. It’s a combination of a lot of things. They did not run, but I think we contributed to their run outs more by bad offense and by bad, poor defensive balance, in my opinion.

On the Penn State backcourt
They’re very good don’t get me wrong. We know Newbill, he was in our league as a freshman before he transferred. Timmy is obviously a fifth year senior, they’re dynamic but I think everyone just looks at their scoring numbers and thinks that their other guys aren’t good players. They’ve got really good pieces and I think Pat [Chambers] plays to the pieces strengths, they stretch you, space you, which allows Frazier and Newbill to be able to drive it. I really thought Ross really hurt us early in the game. I thought Travis really hurt us he drove us. But they’re a terrific backcourt make no mistake about it.