Marshall Postgame Quotes

Dec. 21, 2013

Recap |  Final Stats

Tom Herrion, Marshall coach
Opening Statement
“We lost the game in the first five minutes of the game.”

On the perimeter shooting of Arkansas State
“They made shots and we did a poor job at guarding it. We’re one of the best teams in the country at guarding three-point shots. We talked about it for four days and we did a poor job at transferring our points of emphasis onto the floor tonight. Really, really frustrating. We talked about how talented an offensive team they were. Individually and collectively. We let them get loose and get confident right from the get go. Poor job by me.”

On Arkansas State having more success against the man-to-man than the zone defense
“Our zone was really good. Our zone got us back in the game. The zone was exceptionally good. It was a tale of two halves. The zone was excellent. I think I’ve watched five total games of Arkansas State and I possibly saw one possession of two-three zone, in five games. They couldn’t guard us either. They had problems with Kareem Canty and a couple of guys off the bounce. Our zone attack in the first half was very poor. We were quick and selfish at times. In the second half, we played exactly how we are supposed to play and carved the zone up. We had patience and could get any shot we wanted. Our zone was equally as good to us. You can’t dig a hole like that. To give up 10 three’s in the first half is mind boggling to me. Mind boggling. That’s 30-points. I don’t think we’ve had anybody hit 10 three’s in game against us. Consistency, we have to find consistency.”

On the inconsistency being contributed to youth
“Grow up. Grow up. I am not using that as an excuse. I will not let them use that as an excuse. We are who we are and we have more than enough. Another guy (Tamron Manning) goes down tonight, so we’ll see. Next guy ready. We have more than enough. Every day, every practice and every game they become less and less of an inexperienced team. You gain experience every game and every practice. That is not an excuse that will be tolerated in my program.”



Kareem Canty, redshirt freshman guard
On defending the three-point shot in the first half|
“They would draw us in the paint then kick the ball out to their shooters who were ready to shoot.”
On never getting a rest and having to wait for the chance to play

“It’s not as tough as you’d think, I’m in great shape and that’s what conditioning in the summer time is for. And I knew that someday I would have to play these minutes so I was getting ready for it. I waited eight months for the opportunity to play, so sitting on the bench is not what I came here to do.”

On the key behind the two comebacks
“It was just us believing that we could win the game. We have heart, we can easily be 12-0. We just have to keep believing and things will eventually start to go our way.”