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Blog: Hamilton Amusement

Yous Mbao awaiting his turn in the batting cages on Monday.

Aug 20, 2013

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Associate Sports Information Director

Marshall will leave after Tuesday's 6 p.m. game with A Game Hoops and drive 555 miles, about nine hours through the night back to Cam Henderson Center.

A win today would, in an obscure way, offset that 555 mile drive because then the Herd would have played 5 games in 5 days and come away with 5 wins.

Hamilton Amusement
With Monday's game at 8 p.m. and Marshall already settled in at its hotel in Hamilton, the team had some rare downtime. The Herd found itself at Adventure Village for some laser tag, batting cages and miniature golf during the afternoon.

Many of the players played laser tag at a place next door to the team hotel in Windsor and wanted a rematch. A little disappointment set in when we discovered that at Adventure Village, the laser tag was an outdoor course, which simply doesn't work too well. However, the guys seemed to have fun at the batting cages and miniature golf. How were their skills? I will say that these guys made the right choice when picking up a basketball. Some of the lowlights... Yous Mbao's putting backswing, Austin Loop searching for his golf ball out-of-bounds and JP Kambola's sweater/baseball swing.

The outing was capped off with ice cream while watching some of the guys do Krazy Karts, a version of bumper cars. The staff at Adventure Village, used to dealing with children and parents, was really entertained by the change of pace when the Marshall crew walked in. "Please come back," they said as we departed back to the hotel. Check out the photo gallery at the top of this page for pictures of the adventure.

McMaster vs. Marshall; The Day After
Of all the games Marshall has played on this trip, this one felt the most like a regular season contest. McMaster is a large school (enrollment of 21,035) and has nice facilities. It was the first time in 10 years that Mac played host to a school from the states. Their gym was half full and I could tell their coach and players wanted this win. However, the Marauders struggled mightily from the field especially from three-point range where they were 2-for-29 (6.8 percent) until Elliot Ormond nailed two-straight in the final minute of the game to finish 4-for-31.

Reaction from McMaster head coach Amos Connolly after the game in today's Hamilton Spec. "I'm embarrassed. I don't think I've seen a game where the entire team didn't have a dunk. I didn't think that was possible. I know it's August, I know there is a lot of season to go but personally I'm embarrassed. When you're 16 of 70 somewhere in there is a mental breakdown."

Marshall really turned it on in the second half going 20-of-29 from the field. The Herd dominated the paint 52-20 and pushed the pace, even in the sweltering hot gym and even with its fourth game in four days to score 26 fastbreak points compared to just two by Mac.

In His Words - Tamron Manning
How has this trip been for you? - "It's been a good experience to come to Canada and play some basketball. It's been good to get to play with everybody and get to play this early in the season."

How's the team coming together? - "It seems like everyone is coming together pretty good and everyone is gelling on the court."

Who won Laser Tag? - "I won the real laser tag (in Windsor). Everyone played except JP, but if JP would have played I would have still won."

Why is JP wearing sweaters in the summer? - "He always wears hoodies and stuff, even when it's warm outside."

The difference between this team now and last year's at this time - "Team chemistry is the biggest difference. The trip and the early practices definitely helped."

Word of the Day
ABM, Bank Machine: a common term for an automated teller machine. ABM is short for automated bank machine.

Speaking of Canadian money, it looks like something you would get from Mr. Monopoly for passing go as it is very colorful. My favorite is the five dollar bill which features a game of outdoor hockey.

Marshall in the StandsThere was a good student presence in the game with McMaster and sitting in the front row amongst the student body was a young man wearing a green Marshall shirt. A local scribe sitting to my right at the scorer's table informed me it was the starting quarterback for the McMaster football team, a guy named Marshall Ferguson. He was not only wearing green, but openly cheering for the Herd and the numerous alley-oops thrown down. He seemed to be one of those quarterbacks that like attention.

Twitter Success
If you have twitter, are a fan of Marshall men's basketball and aren't following @HerdMBB, then you're doing it wrong. The month old account, which had 146 followers when the team left the U.S. on Friday is at 390 just four days later.