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Postgame Quotes

Aug 31, 2013

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Postgame Quotes

Marshall 52 – Miami 14 

Marshall Head Coach Doc Holliday

Opening statement:

“Number one, I thought it was a pretty clean game. Going into this football game I was anxious to see us go out there and play a clean game and I think we did. There wasn’t a lot of penalties. We also didn’t have turnovers except for the interception at the end of the game which was unfortunate. The thing I’m most proud of is their ability to overcome adversity. I knew we were a better football team, but I was anxious to see how they would handle that. They overcame the adversity of going into the half tied at 14. That’s what the good teams do and it was great to see that.”

On the probable best second half under Doc Holliday:

“I would think. I haven’t looked at the defense, but I know if you take away a couple of Miami-Ohio’s plays then they would be under 100 yards of total offense. It was great to see the defense come and play the way that they did. Of course, offensively we got everything rolling in that second-half. The offensive and defensive coaches did a tremendous job today. The coaches that won that game are our training staff. I felt like our kids were in great shape the second-half. They got stronger as the game went along. I thought that was a factor in that game.”

On the defensive chemistry in the second half:

“It’s a good feeling. I thought the defense played with a lot of confidence. They’re playing well. We rolled a lot of kids in there. We have a lot of room for improvement and have to get a lot better for next week. I think it’s a good start on both sides of the ball. I’m happy about where we are, but we have a lot of work to do between now and next weekend.”



On the adjustments following halftime:

“I think we came out in the second half and wanted to run the football better. We got behind the sticks a bit in the first half. We had some early three-and-outs. We weren’t patient enough with our run/pass option early and we got to that in the second half.”

On Rakeem Cato’s running and escape ability:

“I think he had a good understanding of what he had to do. He knew what he needed to get to get the first down. He’s a lot more physical. He’s faster than he was the last couple years. He has a great understanding of when he needs to get down and made great decisions as far as those goes today.”

On Jermaine Holmes play:

“He’s playing really well. He’s the playing the best football he has since he has been here. That has to continue.”

On doubling the amount of touchbacks from last season in one game:

“It’s a good thing. I was scared to death when I put him out there. I thought he’d kick it in the stands to be honest. He’s a different kid, a great kid. When you have a guy that can do that with the football it is tremendous. He did it both ways too. He’s got a strong leg. He’s got to continue to get better.”

On Steward Butler’s play:

“Steward Butler and Essray Taliaferro are excellent backs. Kevin Grooms is not ready yet. He’s done a tremendous job with treatments. He’s about another week away. When he got caught from behind on that one, I knew he wasn’t ready. He should be good to go next week. We’re going to play all those guys. They’re both talented guys. They’re all talented guys that need to play.”

On team moral going into halftime:

“It gave us an opportunity to see how the guys would handle that adversity. Nobody in the locker room thought there was an issue. They knew they were going to go out in the second half and do what they did. They are a confident bunch that works really hard. Winning is very important to them. They took care of their business at halftime. We coached them up and made the adjustments. Fortunately we were able to come out in the second half and do what we did.”

Junior Quarterback Rakeem Cato

On going into the half:

“We felt that we could improved on some things, knowing we were a little too fired up early on. We knew we had to get the running game going.

On the second half:

“We got the running game early and were able to get into a good rhythm, and flow from there on, and felt very comfortable from then on.”

On the third quarter touchdown to Wilkins:

“I rolled out and saw him. I actually under threw it a bit but Craig just made a great play.

On running the ball more:

“Everyone knows I’m a running quarterback, but I just felt the pressure and tucked it and ran what my keys told me and was able to pick up a few yards here and there to keep the drives moving. When I’m running the ball it just adds another dimension to this offense.”

Senior Wide Receiver Devon Smith

On his first punt return:

“I was a little nervous at first yet confident, just getting back on the field the game got real fast, I knew once I caught it my blockers would do a good job. It took a few returns until I felt my feet and legs under me but I’ll get better and look forward to returning a few for touchdowns this year.”

Freshman Kicker Curraj Amoreto

On his six touchbacks:

“I told coach when I came here I wanted to lead to the nation in touchbacks. I know I can be a weapon for this team. Even if I cannot kick it to the end zone I know my coverage team will run down there and make the play. It’s not all about me I’m happy to be here and Marshall and will continue to try for touchbacks and to pin the other teams back.”


Miami (OH) Players

Senior Tight End Steve Marck

On the feeling of getting the season underway

“We have been preparing a long time and with camp having been three weeks, we prepared for four weeks total and we were excited just to get down here and renew the game with Marshall which has a history behind it. It definitely felt good to get out there and see what we could do in the first game of the year.”

On scoring the first touchdown of the night

“That was just a seam up the middle and there was nobody there. (Austin) Boucher did a great job and I think he saw that pre-snap so when I turned around it was right there. He just put it right in my hands, it was a great throw by him with great protection from the offensive line.”

On not being able to create offense in the second half of the game

“You have to credit Marshall for making adjustments at halftime. They came out, they played tough and threw some stuff our way that we weren’t seeing in the first half. A lot of credit to them, obviously we need to do a better job of playing tough for two halves of football.”

Senior Defensive Lineman Austin Brown

On getting out on the field for the first time in 2013

“It was a great opportunity for the whole team. We came out in the first half pretty stoked and unfortunately we didn’t come back in the second half so we have to look inside ourselves because it is a little bit on us.”

On failing to keep the Marshall offense in check after halftime

“We the intensity and a lot of confidence, but we kind of lost our confidence a little bit. We just have to keep that up and we have to help each other get it back when that kind of situation happens and adversity hits.”

On the message to the team when falling behind

“We just have to keep going and keep playing. We have to step up our game a level that is unexpected and somehow get a defensive touchdown or turnover, something along those lines.”