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Postgame Quotes

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Post-Game Quotes 

Marshall head coach Doc Holiday

Opening Statement:

"I thought our kids came out with a lot of enthusiasm and played extremely hard. The one stat that I'm most proud of is that we didn't turn the ball over. I tell the guys all the time that if we take care of the football and play hard that everything else will take care of its self. Defensively I thought we tackled better. We should have got ourselves off the field a couple times. We had some penalties that need to be corrected. Special teams wise, I thought our coverage team was pretty good. One punt I wasn't too happy with, but other than that I thought we played really good."

On the offensive performance:

"Well you're never where you want to be. You always want to get better as a football team. I think some of these young kids are starting to grow up. We had to freshmen that got their first touchdowns Remi [Watson] and Steward [Butler]. If was fun to see [Blake] Frohnapfel get his first touchdown and to his brother [Eric Frohnapfel]. There were a lot of positives out there. I thought the first quarter we were moving the ball well we just didn't finish. We had a couple negative plays and penalties that hurt us. I felt that we moved the ball really well."

On Rakeem Cato's performance:

"He had about four deals in the first quarter that he had a couple mistakes, but he came back and played pretty clean. He's making good decisions and taking care of the football. Like I said the number one stat is to not turn the ball over and that didn't happen today. That was good."

On Antavious Wilson's performance:

"He's a good player. It was good to see Tay [Wilson] and Jazz [King] in there and getting catches. "


Marshall quarterback Rakeem Cato:

On the offensive performance:

“We go out on Sundays and have fun. We just carry on day by day. We try to execute every play that coach gives to us. It’s an open system a lot with us and we’re just doing a great job on it.”

On Antavious Wilson’s play:

“I tell him every week I’m going to get you in the game as soon as possible. He’s started off with a great year. He’s getting his swagger back with every catch. He’s playing great right now.”

On how comfortable Cato is on the field:

“It’s my second year so it’s the second time learning the system and learning the coverage’s. It’s been good.”


Marshall linebacker Devin Arrington

On the interception for TD:

“I saw an opening to the ball and then saw him throw it. It just landed in my hands.”

On the team’s confidence:

“We try to give the guys confidence. Last week it was a lot of young guys in new positions going against a bunch of old guys in the same spots. Everybody’s just getting their feet in the ground and keeping the ball rolling.”


Marshall wide receiver Aaron Dobson

On the offense:

“It comes with the tempo of our offense. Cato throwing the ball to different receivers and it makes the defense have to focus on more than just one person. Our depth on this team is as good as it’s been since I’ve been here. We can go two-three deep in the receivers and not fall off a bit. That will definitely be hard for defenses to compete with that.”


Marshall quarterback Blake Frohnapfel

On throwing first TD to brother Eric:

“The play call was basically a smash concept. The play worked out to where I could get it to him. Obviously I was excited. It was ugly in the air, but it was exciting to throw the ball to him and get the touchdown. It was one of those things where it just worked out perfectly. When the ball was in the air it was almost like we were kids again. It was awesome. Not many people can say they threw their first touchdown in college to their brother.”


Marshall tight end Eric Frohnapfel

On catching TD pass from brother Blake:

“I had to say a little something. Blake come on I had to wait for that ball a bit. It got to me and went for a touchdown so I’m glad it all worked out. We haven’t hooked up for a touchdown since senior year in high school. It’s been a long time and it feels good to get that going again. Blake always says I have no run after the catch ability. He’s says I just catch it and get tackled so it was nice to not only prove to him, but get in the end zone and put one up for the home team.”


Western Carolina quarterback Eddie Sullivan

On returning to Marshall where he started his collegiate career:
"It felt familiar this afternoon, coming down I-64 and driving through Huntington towards the stadium. At the end of the game, I think I got bombarded by just about every one of my old teammates from the Marshall sideline, and it was a good feeling. It felt welcoming - obviously we were on different teams, but it felt welcoming. It really helped solidify that fact that football is a game where you make a lot of friends. I made a lot of friends while here at Marshall, and I've already made a lot of friends at Western Carolina. So, I can't complain about anything; I'm just happy for these experiences."

On Western Carolina's performance on Saturday night:
"Overall as a team, I think we hurt ourselves too much tonight. I think overall, we just need to capitalize on opportunities and just play better football."

On Marshall's performance:
"Marshall is a great team; they've made major improvements from where they were last year. Overall, I think they're a better team and are playing good football."