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Postgame Quotes

Sep 7, 2013

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Postgame Quotes

Marshall 55 – Gardner-Webb 0

September 7, 2013


Marshall Quotes

Doc Holliday, head coach

Opening Statement:

"We talked all week about starting fast. We needed to come out early and play well. I thought our kids did that. I thought the kickoff return by Steward Butler really set the tone for the game. I thought fòr the most part we played well. One good thing I liked about the game was that we were able to get players in. A lot of young players came in and got their feet wet."


On picking up where they left off against Miami-Ohio:

"We talked all week about the I-AA teams. There are about eight teams that were upset last week. We wanted to make sure that didn't happen to us. Our preparation all week was great. Tuesday and Wednesday are the days I think that win the games as far as practice goes. We practiced extremely well and I think it showed early tonight. Again it was great to get those young kids in. I'm glad we got them in to play because they definitely deserve to."


On second string keeping the shut out:

"I put them in a bad situation one time and I shouldn't have. They responded and went out there and got them stopped. It was great to see them get the shut out. That was important to defensive coordinator Chuck Heater and the defense. That was great to see. We also saw a lot of positive things on defense that we can build on. I thought our kids for the most part tackled really well."


On sacks and turnovers:



"There's no doubt. Anytime you are plus five in the turnover margin you have a great shot in winning the game. That's what happened today."


On being able to force turnovers as opposed to last season:

"I think we have about 14 different faces out there making those plays. If you look at the guy making those turnovers, most of them weren't out there playing a year ago. There are a lot of new faces out there and the coaches have done a great job of coaching them up. When you play extremely hard, good things will happen for you. Those guys played hard out there tonight and that's good to see."


On Steward Butler's performance:

"Number one, he is a good player. Number two, he has practiced and played extremely well. He plays like that on Tuesday and Wednesday. We try to practice as hard as we can Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday throughout the week so that when we come to gametime, the games are easy.That's our philosophy as far as practice goes. Stew has practiced extremely well the last couple weeks. He's living right and making good decisions. It's great to see him get rewarded for that."


On Rakeem Cato's performance:

"He's a lot physical and a lot stronger. A year ago he didn't have any arms and had skinny legs. He's filled out and is stronger. He's a better player because of what has been happening in the weight room too."


On the emphasis on the rushing attack:

"They were a three-down front going in. You have to be able to run the football. They had a lot of drop eight at times and we were able to run it pretty well. You have to be able to do that against a team that is going to play you like that. We were able to do that."


On Marshall being a passing team in past and more of a rushing team now:

"I've said since day one that we may not have as good of stats, but we are a better offense. We had a lot of stats last year, but now we're more of a balanced team. We're a better offense then last year because of being able to run the ball when we need to and still have the ability to throw it really well. We're still going to take what the defense gives us, but we also forced some runs in there tonight when we obviously should have been throwing."


Rakeem Cato, junior quarterback

On offensive versatility:

 “We just have to keep doing what we’re doing running the ball and passing the ball makes us very tough to stop.”


On running back Steward Butler:

“I tell him all the time big time, players make big time plays and that is exactly what he did for us tonight.”


On his touchdown run:

I saw Gator (Hoskins) in the back of the end zone and knew I had him, but I decided to pump fake and take it in myself.”


James Rouse, redshirt senior defensive lineman

On playing hard after not playing for two years:

“Just being out there and focusing on each and every play and just that play. It felt good to get in the backfield and make some plays thanks to teammates opening up holes for me and others”.


On playing each play like it could be his last:

I think about that all the time especially with my past that each play could be my last and I just focus on that play and nothing else and go all out on each and every play.”


Chris Jasperse, redshirt junior offensive lineman

On rotating a lot of different players on the offensive line tonight:

“It’s good to get a lot of people some experience in case anything happens. It’s a great thing to have depth at any position”.


Steward Butler, redshirt sophomore running back

On scoring three touchdowns:

“Last time I scored three touchdowns was in high school, it felt great to do that tonight”.


On running back competition:

“Competition is great it makes all of us better as we try and outperform the guy in front of us.  Competition makes everyone push harder and play to our best”.




Carroll McCray, Head Coach

Opening Statement:

“Well, I congratulate coach Holliday and his team. They have a really good team. They have a lot of team speed, and they did a really good job tonight. We certainly did not represent Gardner-Webb the way we intended to. We made a lot of mental mistakes and turned the football over. We did a lot of things that didn’t even allow us to see if we can compete with Marshall.


We have a lot of work to do with our football team. Special teams wise, I thought we might’ve improved some since last week with a young team, so that was an encouragement. We just had too many mistakes. Defensively, we let some plays get behind us and offensively, the turnovers, interceptions, bad field positioning in the two that went back for a touchdown – it is certainly unacceptable, and we can’t win any games playing that way.”


On what the team will take from this game:

“I hope we take a lot of hurt from this, and we won’t like what happened to us tonight. We’ll come back to work tomorrow and work extremely hard to make corrections and get healed up, so we go compete and represent our school the right way against Richmond next week. So, I’m hoping that even though it’s a negative force, we can take some things and build from it, correct our team and get better.”