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Postgame Quotes

Sept. 15, 2012

Recap |  Notes


Postgame Quotes

Marshall Head Coach Doc Holiday

Opening Statement:

 “I thought our kids played extremely hard. I thought the fans were great. Unfortunately we find a way to get it done at the end. It’s the same ole story that you can’t turn the ball over and win the football game. We have to learn how to take care of the ball and there’s a lot of hurting guys in that locker room right now. I’m proud of the way we played. We have to come out next week and get better.”

On Ohio’s adjustments:

 “Not really. We had a couple short yard plays and we didn’t get them converted. The second or third drive I think it was. I thought defensively we were on our heels that first half. I felt they made some adjustments at halftime. Defensively we came out and played well in the second half and made some critical stops. We just couldn’t get off the field. That kid’s [Tyler Tettleton] a good player. They had fourth down and he throws for a touchdown. He had a couple third down critical situations and we didn’t get off the field. At the end of the day they made more plays than we did and they won the football game. You have to give them credit they’re a good football team. That team won 10 games a year ago and I have a feeling that when you look up again they will have won 10 or 11 again. We have to go back to work and have to get better. I like our team and I like our kids. They play hard, they like to play and we’ll be fine.”

On Rakeem Cato throwing 65 passes:

 “We had to do whatever we had to do to win the game. The kid [Cato] is going to be a good player. At the end of the deal we can’t turn the ball over. He hurts. He’s a hurting guy right now. He played his tail off, he’s a young guy and he’ll learn from it as well will our entire team.”



On the lack of rushing attack:

 “Well we had a lot of runs called and he ended up throwing it. We’re going to take what that defense gives us. They were giving us some slants, bubbles and we were taking them. As long as we continue to move the ball I don’t care if we run it or throw it. Cato did a good job at getting us in the right call at the right time.”

On the defensive performance:

 “For the most part they played well. We had the one fourth down where we couldn’t get off the field, but I thought they played well in the second half. I feel they tackled well and played extremely hard. That’s a good football team. They have a quarterback that makes plays. They have a good running back and have a bunch of fourth and fifth year guys up front. We have to get our guys better.”

On the spirit of the Marshall team:

 “I don’t think they ever had their head down. We all felt the whole game that we could win it. We took it right back down there and unfortunately we turned it over in the end. I thought they played hard the entire game. It definitely wasn’t an issue of us not playing hard.”

On the game ending interception:

 “I have to go back and look at it on tape. I know their kid made a great play and we didn’t. We’ll evaluate it and see what it was. The kid’s hurting and you just want to put your arms around him. He’ll learn from it and he’ll be fine.”

Tommy Shuler:

On the game:

“We watched a lot of film and we just went out there and played really hard. We knew we had to play hard tonight because they were going to come hard. I feel like it was a great game and they are a great team.”

Rakeem Cato:

On the interception to end game:

“They didn’t stop anything big all night. They benefited and I threw a bad ball. They put the ball in my hand and I failed to lead us to victory. That’s something that is hard right now.”

On moving on to the next game:

 “Tomorrow we’re going to come in and watch film. Starting tomorrow we have to kill that game. We have a conference game coming up and we have to take advantage of it.”

On the devastating loss:

 “The team put the ball in my hands and I failed to get them to victory. That won’t happen again. We have to come out and click on all cylinders. We have to end the slope.”

On Ohio’s adjustments:

“Nothing they did. All the stops we had we did ourselves. From the penalties to the turnovers we beat ourselves. We played a big game, but again we beat ourselves. We just failed to get the job done.”

On the ending interception:

 “The pass was intended for C.J. Crawford. I was trying to make sure the back side safety wasn’t over by him so he could pick the ball off. I threw it and I felt that I didn’t put enough arm strength into it. The defender made a spectacular play. If I would have hit C.J. with that one he turns and walks in the end zone.”

Gator Hoskins :

On two straight losses to Ohio:

 “It’s pretty tough. We just have to watch film tomorrow and learn from our mistakes. We have to build on the things we did well. We have to just forget about and move on.”

On the touchdown grab:

“It was a good play. Cato threw a great ball and made it an easy catch for me. We do it all the time in practices. It felt good, but not as good as a ‘W’ would have.”

On the atmosphere of the locker room:

“We have guys in there hurt. We really wanted to win this game. We try to protect the ‘M’ every time we play at home. We try to give the crowd something to cheer about. We’re down, but we just have to watch film tomorrow and learn from it. We have Rice next game and we have to prepare for that. We want to be conference champions.”