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Marshall Football Postgame Quotes

Sept. 17, 2016

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Doc Holliday, head coach
Opening Statement:
It’s obvious we did not play well; we have to give Akron credit. That staff did a great job of having that team ready to play. You can’t turn the ball over and you can’t be penalized as much as we were to have a shot in that game. We did not play great defense, which is what we have been doing, and we didn’t take care of the ball offensively and we have to do a better job because we have a great challenge coming in here next week so we have to get back to work.
On the energy levels in the first quarter:
They scored first and we matched it and then we went up two scores. Then we a penalty on a fake punt which of course hurt us. We just have to play better, we have to be able to cover the guys on defense and we have too able to execute on offense and take care of the football and we did not do that.
On the play of Jerome Lane and JoJo Natson:
Obviously they were better than we were today, we did not cover them very well. Defensively we have got to be able to do that. We knew going into this game that Natson and Lane were tremendous players and they are. We did not match up very well and that’s a concern.
On the momentum swing after the Chase Litton fumble:
There is no doubt, ball was on the ground and they picked it up, it was seven that way and the momentum changed a little bit. We still had a shot to stay in the game but we did not overcome our adversity. To Akron’s credit, they did.
On Akron throwing to Chris Jackson all game:
We were trying to get him some help and we were trying to do some different things. Obviously we have to become better and I know coach Heater we get those guys squared away. Akron made way too many big plays.
On the most disappointing part of the Akron defeat:
The most disappointing part is that you start with a plan to win, but also a plan to play great defense and we certainly did not do that today. The second most disappointing part is that you are supposed to take care of the ball offensively and we sure did not do that either. We had a couple penalties in the kicking which hurt us there. So overall we just did not follow the plan to win and the results are what they were.
On the amount of penalties Marshall took:
I am anxious to see the tape, but obviously we were not lined up properly a couple times. We will see the tape and we will see what the issues were.
On not getting pressure on Thomas Woodson:
Most of the offensive plays were run-pass options, and at the end of the day the ball is coming out of his hand pretty quick and we are playing run up front with those guys. Then he takes the ball and pulls it out of the belly of that running back and throws it down the field. It’s hard to get pressure on those situations but you are right you have to transition from run to pass, and we did not do that.
Chase Litton, sophomore quarterback
On the sack that led to a fumble return TD for Akron:
“That’s a play that I can’t allow to happen. Give credit to the defense, they made a great play but I just can’t be losing the football in that situation.”
On the turnovers:
“Individually, I had four turnovers and you’re not going to win a game with that many. We put way too much pressure on the defense with some of our mistakes.”
On preparing for Louisville:
“That starts tomorrow. That starts with the way we attack practice, the way we attack workouts and the way we attack the film study. There’s going to be a lot of guys itching to get back on the field, but it all starts with how we work off the field.”
On the performance of Josh Knight:
“There were some passes that I underthrew and he made some great plays. He’s a guy who wants the ball and wants to succeed and you could tell that he did today.”
Josh Knight, senior wide receiver
On his performance today:
“I was happy about my performance, but I’m more worried about the outcome than catching passes, so I’m disappointed.”
On Louisville, next week’s opponent:
“It’s going to be a great challenge and I’m looking forward to it. The first thing for us is getting back on the practice field and preparing for it.”
Gary Thompson, redshirt senior defensive lineman
On the inability to pressure Akron QB Thomas Woodson:
“It was hard. They run a lot of run-pass option plays where he releases the ball quickly and we tried to put pressure on him the best that we could, but it didn’t work.”
On Akron’s play calling:
They came out and ran some plays that we were not expecting to see. We did not expect to see a shovel pass or the triple option being run today and that threw us off. All we can do is try and stop what they’re running.
Chase Hancock, redshirt sophomore linebacker
On Akron’s offensive performance:
They made more plays than us today. Once they got their momentum going, it was tough to stop. Our job is to make plays and we didn’t do that today.
Ryan Yurachek, junior tight end
On the team’s performance:
We lost as a team, and there’s nothing else that you can say about it. We had four turnovers on offense and a blocked punt and that’s not how we play. We have to come out ready to play next week against one of the top teams in the country.
On Akron’s punt block:
“Akron ran a good scheme. We had not seen them put much pressure on film and they looked like they were going to hold up. Whether we missed a block or went out in coverage early, we did something wrong on that play and we need to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
On the penalties:
When you have first and 15 or first and 20, it’s tough to call plays. It’s not ideal for anybody. To have 17 penalties for 180 yards is uncalled for and we need to correct that.
AKRON (2-1)
Terry Bowden, head coach
On the win:
Our players came ready to play. We knew we had a monumental task coming here, we knew Marshall’s records and coaches and how good they are. Marshall has great tradition, they don’t lose at home and I’m a West Virginian, I know it. For us to come here and play like we did, it’s a huge win for us. It was a great team victory.

On the momentum shift:
The play of the game was the 35 yard fumble recovery for a touchdown we had. That was the play of the game. Momentum is a crazy thing, and that was the critical play. We made great plays throughout the game that led to victory, but if you had to pick one play that changed the game, it was the fumble return.
On Comparing Akron to Marshall:
I don’t have any question that [Marshall will] go out and win 10 games this season and have a great year. Where we are at Akron, we gauge our success and where we are as a team based on successful ‘Group of 5’ schools like Marshall.