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Marshall-VT Postgame Quotes

Sept. 24, 2011

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Marshall Head Coach Doc Holliday

Opening Statement:

            Congratulate Frank Beamer and the Virginia Tech football team. The biggest disappointment on the field today was us giving them short field on many occasions. You can’t give a team the caliber of Virginia Tech a short field three or four times in the first half and be able to stop them. Frank Beamer is a class guy. We have to get better.

On Virginia Tech’s physicality:

            We knew going in what we were going to get. Our kids played physical, but we didn’t get them stopped. I’m proud of the way we played, but I’m not proud we lost the game. That’s unacceptable here at Marshall and the players understand that. I thought the effort was great and we played extremely hard. We needed to change the field position in the first half, but we never got it done. You give those guys a short field then you will have problems and we did.

On third and longs:

            Like I’ve said before, we cannot become one dimensional. We couldn’t seem to get the running game going and our offense turned one dimensional. There are a lot of teams that become one dimensional against that Virginia Tech defense. We tried to run it, but we just didn’t have much success.

On the pressure Cato received:

            I’m anxious to see the tape. He is a young guy and we are going through some growing pains with him. He made some nice throws and did some good things. I think a lot of our kids did some good things.

On Omar Brown’s play:

            I thought he played well. He played lights out last week and did the same this tonight. He’s a great football player. Every week, you know what you are going to get out of Omar Brown. We need about 10 more Omar Brown’s and we’ll be fine. He’s great.

Marshall Quarterback Rakeem Cato

On getting pressured by the opposing defense:

Every time I had to run I just ran and got down. I just wanted to keep playing ball and not let that [the pass rush] distract me.

On running the hurry up offense:

When we are in the hurry up offense, it’s quick plays, in and out, trying to score. I focus on my read and catch the defense sleeping.

On the Dobson Touchdown:

I saw man-to-man coverage. I just wanted to get a completion. I saw it and took a shot.

Marshall Offensive Lineman Ryan Tillman

On how the team played:

We made a couple mistakes, but for the most part I think we played well against them.

On Virginia Tech:

They’re a good team, their defense is always good and we got what we expected.

On going up against Virginia Tech’s defense (mostly about James Gayle, Defensive End )

They’re fast, strong, athletic guys and that’s what you expect out of a Virginia Tech defensive end, but for the most I feel like we did a good job.

Virginia Tech Head Coach Frank Beamer

On the game:

I thought we played hard throughout. I thought they played hard, throughout the game. I thought we do some very good things, and then we don’t do some things very consistently. That’s where we are as a football team right now. There are some great plays, and then some turnovers, some penalties and some things that don’t allow us to be consistently good. We are certainly at a point in our season where we need to be consistently good, especially as our schedule shows that we welcome Clemson to town next week. We had a great effort and I’m proud of our toughness, especially for our mental toughness. Coming into this situation, we had to be tough. We played hard, but we didn’t always play well. Yet, credit Marshall because they caused several things that challenged us.

On the kicking game:
Disappointing how we kicked the ball today. Kickoffs… Cody did make one kick and had another kick blocked.

On the confidence level of the team:
I feel good in our team. If you do things well once, you can do them well every time and that’s what we need to do, and we’ve done things well. Logan looked good today. A lot of things out there were good: we ran hard today. Josh Oglesby and Dave Wilson both made good runs. Our kickers aren’t coming from a perspective of a lack of want, but a lack of not being able to be as consistent as we want to be, but again, if you can do it one time, you can do it every time.

On the ups and downs:
That’s what I am talking about. We had a lot of good defensive plays and then the three play-71 yard drive before the end of the half and a few in the second half sprinkled in. Its all a matter of taking responsibility.

On pro-set vs. I-formation:
It’s a matter of reading their defense. There are reasons for our formations. Overall, Logan Thomas managed the game really well, made some great throws throughout. That was a real plus all day long.

On the wide receivers:
Yeah, we’re on our sixth wide receiver now, but not sure now what number we’re on all season and going forward we’ll have to see how Boykin is back home – in the future we need to evaluate who we can play there.

On the switch at punter:
Danny is a guy that you know what you got back there. He’s been in a lot of battles and knows how to operate with the pressure on. So, we’re going to kick him here for a while. We’ll look back Monday and have some good competition to shape next week’s attack.

On his defense:

We got out there well and made some great open-field tackles. We got good pressure on the quarterback several times. A couple breakdowns gave them some long plays. Take them out and the defense has a great day.

On the balance of the offense:
We did today. 215 and 229 between pass and run? Yeah, I think when you’re good you look at what they did against you and what you did against them and have confidence in the running game, and then confidence in the passing game.

On preparing for next week:

I think they know we have a real good football team next week. How did they do today? Up by 12? Florida State QB play? I think our squad understands what’s coming to Blacksburg.

Impressions on Marshall’s quarterback:
I thought he played well today for the most part, except for the one he threw up that they probably want to bring back. For the most part, he was right on the money with his throws. You know he was a freshman and you’re going to have growing pains, but it looks like to me that he’s a good freshman.

Back to your defense, 42 and 99 were consistently in the backfield and talk about their dominance:
Yeah they are athletic guys. They really are. They do a good job of coming off the edge and we’ve had some fast guys there in the past and we are usually pretty good when we have fast ends.

Virginia Tech Running Back Josh Oglesby

On the continuity of the offense:
Personnel wise, we look a lot different than the first couple weeks and we are a relatively young team. But the further we get into the season, the better we get.

On next week:

No, we are taking one snap, one game at a time.

On ACC play:

Most definitely. We won the ACC last year and everyone has Virginia Tech circled on their schedule and we need to make sure we are prepared for each team.

Virginia Tech Quarterback Logan Thomas

On the game:

I made the right reads and the right throws throughout. Like you said, on the interception I wish I would have thrown it further to the outside. Other than that I feel good about it.

On the series where Tech didn’t score:
I don’t think it was one thing. There were penalties, missed blocks, bad reads by myself along with a number of things that went wrong.

On ACC play:

I am extremely excited. It’s the start of our run at the ACC championship. That’s where we want to be. Our motto has always been to go after the national championship, so that starts tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the start of the big games upcoming.