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Postgame Quotes

Oct. 6, 2012

Recap |  Notes


Marshall Quotes

Head Coach Doc Holliday

Opening Statement:

                “Number one, Tulsa is an excellent football team. We had opportunities to score and tie the game or go up with the two point conversions. We just didn’t get it done. We have to go back to work and get better.”

On not executing late game drives:

                “We had a couple of opportunities and when your number is called you have to make a play. We didn’t get it done unfortunately. We put ourselves in a position to go in to overtime or win it and we didn’t do it.”

On Marshall coming from behind:

                “They’ve been resilient all year. I can’t fault their effort. I’m not going to do that. They play hard. They fight and get after it, but it’s all about winning football games.  We expect to win those games. To get to where we want to go we have to beat the best team on that side of the league which is probably Tulsa or Houston. It’s disappointing that we didn’t get the win today. Tulsa is a really good football team. There is a reason they’ve won as many championships in this league as they have from this point. They have good players. I think we have some pretty good players too. We have to find a way to finish games and find a way to win in the end. We didn’t do that today.”

On Tulsa’s running attack:

                “They came into this football game and they were going to take the game out of the quarterback’s hands. They rushed it 53 times. They came in to run the football and they did. They are pretty good up front. They have a back [Alex Singleton] that is about 260 pounds and that a big load. We didn’t tackle well and get him on the ground. We have to do a better job at that.



On early turnovers:

                “There’s no doubt. Early in the game we turned it over a couple times. I thought we regained momentum at the half. They ended up getting three points off of those two turnovers. The second half was a wild one and we just didn’t finish it.”

On Tulsa taking Tommy Shuler away:

                “They took [Tommy] Shuler away, but [Aaron] Dobson had a bunch of catches today too. You can’t take everybody away. It wasn’t the calls or anything. We just didn’t make plays. We had the one touchdown to Tay [Antavious Wilson] called back. We had a couple opportunities at the end to make plays and we just didn’t do it.”


On Tulsa taking away balanced attack:

                “We try to take what that the defense gives us. The game was never out of reach. That’s the number one defense in the league, but I thought for the most part we moved the ball well. When the game’s on the line we need to be able to step up and make plays. We didn’t do that today.”


Quarterback Rakeem Cato

On the late chances to win:

                “We have to win the ball game. Nobody can stop us. We beat ourselves every week. Even when we win games we still have mistakes and mental breakdowns. You have to find some way, somehow to win the ball game. It’s plain and simple, you have to win.”

On the Marshall offense:

                “It’s just getting over that hump. We just have to get all our guys to come together. We have to keep working and keep working hard. We just have to win the ball game. We have to win not only for ourselves, but for the people out there. Win for the people in the stands. They don’t have to come to our games. We are doing this for them. I don’t think people realize that. We play for the “M” on the side of our helmets. Sooner or later we have to win. We have to win for those people or they aren’t going to come to our games.”

On the early turnovers:

                “We beat ourselves. No team has come in here and just flat out beat us. We are mentally strong, we’re tough and we just have to get over that hump together. We have to win. We’re beating ourselves every week. We beat ourselves from the turnover stand point and just not stopping them. We just have to win. Find a way to connect with each other and just get over that hump.”

On his frustration:

                “It’s very frustrating. I’ve never been a loser in my life. I’ve always had the passion for winning and I know all the players on our team do. We have to stop saying that we will get them next series or on the next drive. It’s time right now. We have to start winning now. We have no more room for losing at all.”

On his leadership through the bye week:

                “We just have to go out there and work hard. We can talk, but you have to walk-the-walk. We have to go out there on our time off and establish some plays. Establish our run game and our passing game. We have to do the make sure everyone is on the same page. We have to be on the same page not only on offense, but on defense and special teams as well. Everybody has to be willing to do the same thing. We have to come together as a team.”