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Postgame Quotes

Oct. 15, 2011

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Marshall head coach Doc Holliday

Opening Statement:

“I’m proud of how our football team hung in there and fought. That’s one thing we want to instill in this program is to just play as hard as you can on every snap. I thought Rice did a nice job at halftime coming out and creating some issues for our defense. They kept hanging in there and to win the game at the end like we did will help us immensely.“


On Vinny Curry’s play:

“Vinny is an unbelievable kid and he brings a lot to this program. He means so much to his teammates and coaches. He didn’t get back until last night and didn’t practice all week. He flew in here and Fred spent time with him explaining to him what has been going on. All he did was go out there and get three and a half sacks, four tackles for loss and nine tackles. That’s Vinny Curry. I’m sure he was playing for his mother. He is a special kid and brings so much to the table.


On third down play to set up game winning touchdown:

“A.J. Graham made a great play there to get the first down. Of course, Antavious Wilson made a great catch. That gave the opportunity to move the chains and give us a chance to put it in the end zone. I was afraid we left too much time on the clock. A.J. Graham did a great job running the football. He had 129 yards rushing. That enabled our running backs to get going and created some holes for them. I want to go back and watch the film of A.J. He started the game and we won the game and that’s what matters. I was proud of the way A.J. came out and played. “


On thought process when bringing Rakeem Cato coming in:

“We thought we were going to throw the ball a lot more at that time. We are going to continue to play both of those guys. I think they both are different in what they can bring to the table. We will do a good job as the staff going back and evaluating to see what both of them do bring to the table. How they both played and Tony will do a great job at mixing and matching that. Only thing we are concerned with is winning football games. If playing both of them will help us win the football game then we will do that. If going with only one or seldom bringing both then we will do that. Both of them have done some good things and we will go back evaluate and see where we are. “


On opponents having to prepare for Graham and Cato:

“Believe me we’re not in this category yet, but the year we won the National Championship with Florida we had Leake and we had Tebow. We would bring Tebow in on certain situations and we would use Leake on others. We’ll take a look at what we have and see what they bring to the table. If playing them both helps us then we will do that.”

On Graham’s reads on the run:

“It looked a heck of a lot better didn’t it?”


Rice head coach David Bailiff
On the game:
“That was a hard loss when you have the ball late in the fourth quarter and you talk about grinding it out and run the time off the clock, coming into town and trying to get out with a win. The fumble the very next snap with time on the clock for them to score deep in the red zone – that’s not a best case scenario on the road. The other turnover in the second half too, when there was a miss fire on the pass where they take the ball over deep in your own red zone and the defense gets an interception the next play – that was sure what we needed to have on this last one. We started slow, but we really had worked our way back into the football game with high yardage and points in the third quarter. Our offense and defense were both playing well, but you need to take care of the football. You need to stay on track and move the chains when need be and we didn’t do that. [Vinny] Curry is an unbelievable defensive lineman and I thought Marshall did a good job out there too.”

On Vinny Curry’s strip of Sam [McGuffie] at the end of the game:

“Sam didn’t have one turnover a year ago. He’s had two this year now, but he is one of the most sure handed players on our team.”

On better offense in the third quarter:

“When we all get on the same page, we are pretty good offensively, yet we had two procedures back-to-back in the first quarter. We need to be disciplined, we can’t make mistakes – especially on the road and we didn’t.”

On the [Sam] McGuffy fumble:

“We ran an outside play and told him to stay in bounds. It was good to see him stay in bounds and pick up some positive yards, but I don’t know who had the hit and it was definitely a fumble.”

On Rice beating Rice, but not closing out games:

“We’ve got to get to a point in this program when you get in those situations and we see ourselves making the play. We need to do a better job with these kids to see themselves as champions in the end. We’ve got to continue to work. We know what to do. We’ve all been here before. We’ve learned how to work in adverse times; I guess we need to learn how to work in prosperity.”

On AJ Graham:

“I thought he did a good job. A lot of the yards early were when he would take off and run. He is a big man and he did a nice job running the zone read and pulling the ball down and making plays with his feet. He did a good job taking care of it.”


Marshall Players

Sophomore defensive back Monterius Lovett

On his fumble recovery:

“I saw Vinny Curry make the fumble and then I saw the ball on the ground. I knew I needed to get it because our offense needed the ball and we needed to score. I got it on the bounce.”


On Curry’s game:

“Vinny played hard the whole game. He played really big today.”


Senior guard John Bruhin

On A.J. Graham’s play:

“He helped us out a lot and got a lot of yards.”


On being a gut check game:

“We refused to lose. We came out there swinging especially in the fourth quarter. The defense came out and made a big play.”


On gaining momentum for Houston:

“Yeah it’s going to be a good game. Our defense has to step it up next week, just like this week.”


Senior kicker Tyler Warner

On the game:

“I just came out and did my job. The coaches kept my confidence up and I had a good week in practice. I went into the game with confidence and the offense put me into good situations. The defense made big plays to set up the winning touchdown.”


Senior defensive lineman Vinny Curry

On his force fumble:

”Our backs were against the wall and we had to make a big play. Coach said someone has to make a play. I was just trying to make a play and set my teammates up.”


On playing with a heavy heart:

“Before the game I asked God to send me a sign and let me know if my mom made it there safely.  If that was the answer, then praise God. I just wanted to help my team as much as possible. It’s effected those guys (teammates) too in practice. But they uplifted me every day. They are my brothers. They gave me a shoulder to lean on. “


Rice Players

Sophomore running back Turner Petersen
On the Wildcat offense:
“Played really well with it, as it seemed very effective. We would put great possessions together and if the defense makes them go three-and-out every time - it should make it pretty easy for us to run away with the game, but we couldn’t capitalize in the end.”

On Sam’s [McGuffy] leadership and fumble in the last minutes of the game:
“Sam is a leader on this team, arguably the best player on the team. It’s very uncharacteristic of him to have a fumble like that. Ball security is a premium and something like that can happen. Unfortunately it was him and unfortunately it happened, but those things happen sometimes. He just needs to keep his head up and remain confident.”

On 2-4 record:
“Oh it’s disappointing that we aren’t 3-3 or even better because we feel that we are at least a .500 team, but it’s the way things have happened and we will try to only get better from here.”

Senior linebacker Justin Allen

On defensive strategies against new quarterback [AJ Graham]:
“Yeah coming into it we heard number one was going to start and he’s a different style of quarterback than twelve. He is a little more mobile, as I believe he scored twice. We were able to come back and put more pressure on him, like getting more tackles in the back field.”

On zone reads throughout the game:
“It’s something we have worked all year. It’s not new and we work it every week. The quarterback made some good plays in the beginning and once we calmed down and got our wits about us, we were able to lock down on it and ultimately shut it down.”


On today’s result and season record thus far:
“It’s tough to lose a game that you had won and obviously we can’t make the costly mistakes we had. It’s going to hurt you. We didn’t win the turnover battle today and its stuff like that that is going to keep us from being a winning football team.”

On defensive play the last few games:
“The defense has been putting together a few solid games, which is nice. We are starting to gain some identity, as the first few games exposed our defense, but we are feeling a lot more confident now.”