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Marshall Football Postgame Quotes

Oct. 15, 2016

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MARSHALL (2-4, 1-1 C-USA)
Doc Holliday, head coach
Opening statement:
I was proud of our kids, and the way they continued to fight. I thought we came out in the second half and the defense shut that team out. The offense found a way to get that last drive down there and they won the game which was an important thing. FAU has some good players and I thought out players kept fighting and they found a way to win it.
On adjustments to the rush defense:
I thought they made some plays and created some turnovers. They had a few deep drives and we found a way to get the ball back which was huge. I thought we stepped up and made some plays in the second half which we were not making in the first half and that was good to see.
On winning vs losing emotions:
It’s huge. Anytime you can win you walk in that locker room and there is a lot of guys smiling and feeling good about themselves. It makes it so much easier to come back to work tomorrow, food will taste better tomorrow, practice is going to be a little bit better, they are going to have bounce in their step. I have never felt that losing will ever help a team in any way shape or form, winning is what helps you and those guys will come back and play with a little more confidence this week.
We have to build on this. We were not perfect by any stretch, I thought our punter did well, he averaged 53 yards per punt. I thought out field goal kicker was good, he went in there and drilled that kick through the uprights which was good to see. So there are some positives, and we will build on those positives and we will work to correct the mistakes that we made and we will be a better football team next week.
On the late penalty to Davis:
You tell him if he ever takes his (Keion Davis) helmet off again, he will never play. Again he is a young player and that was critical. That ball is going to be at the 25-yard line, instead of the 50, it made me sick. Sometimes growing pains with young players are hard, it’s a hard lesson to learn and thank god it didn’t cost us the game because it very well could have.
On the final drive:
Players made plays and it was good to see. It was great to see Chase Litton come back from that turnover at the end of the half. He knew he made the wrong decision but I thought he came back and made great decisions in the second half and he found a way to win the game which is the important thing.
On Yurachek and Byrd:
They are two of our better players, we have to give them the ball. We were really beat up, up front, we lost a couple guys, Michael Selby and we lost Clint Van Horn, so we were playing sort of a patchwork offensive line at the time.
Chase Litton, sophomore quarterback
On the third down conversions during the final drive:
It’s just execution. Coach Legg put us in plays to succeed all season and we didn’t execute until tonight. We needed all of them on that drive and we got them.
On the winning mentality:
We wanted to win. All 11 guys on the field wanted to win. The whole team wanted to win and the whole crowd wanted us to win. We knew that it wasn’t just going to be given to us and that we had to make plays.
On the first drive:
We knew that we had to bounce back. FAU came out and had a great opening drive and scored quickly and we knew that we had to do the same thing.
On the tempo:
We had to at least match their tempo throughout the game, if not improve on it and be more enthusiastic and ready to go.
Keion Davis, redshirt sophomore running back
On the offensive line:
The offensive line did a tremendous job, especially in crunch time. I just ran the ball hard behind them.
On the fourth-down conversion during the final drive:
If you call yourself a big-time player, you have to make plays when it’s time. I just had to make a play there.
Ryan Bee, redshirt sophomore defensive lineman
On halftime adjustments:
They were trying to run hurry-up on us, so it was all about getting our calls in. We wanted to work on that and getting set and executing it right.
On the final drive:
No matter how long the field was, we knew that we had to stop them. The shorter field may have hurt us but it didn’t matter. We knew that we had to get a stop.
C.J. Reavis, junior safety
On the win:
It feels great. We’re a better team than we’ve been playing. It felt good to see all the players and coaches smiling again.
On the defensive plan
The plan was pretty simple this week. The goal was to find your guys and make the tackles. The first drive, [FAU] showed us up but we came out there and tightened down on them after that.
Chase Hancock, redshirt sophomore linebacker
On the defense:
We had to stop them. They were running the ball so we had to hold our gaps and attack them more.
On the win:
It feels really good. The younger guys needed to see that hard work pays off and that winning is good. It feels really good to win but we need to get back to the drawing board and get better. We still have room to improve.
Josh Knight, senior wide receiver
On his performance tonight:
When you start getting touches and getting your feet wet, you begin to feel comfortable and with a good quarterback like Chase [Litton], you know he’s going to feed you. He was putting the ball where I wanted it and I was trying to go out there and make plays.
On the feeling after a win:
You don’t understand. It means the world. It was a great team win. We still have room to improve but the only thing that matters is that we got a W. That’s all that matters today.
On Ryan Yurachek and Emmanuel Byrd
I feel like they’re two of the best tight ends in the country that play on the same team. They can get open and make great plays.
Charlie Partridge, head coach
On another close loss for his team:
We’re four possessions away from being a 5-2 football program. There’s a lot of things to be proud of. We just have to find a way to finish. We were very close against what we know is a good football team.
On first half turnovers:
We had two turnovers when we were approaching what we call the high-red zone. You certainly want to come away with points there, and if we come away with more points there, we probably win. But I’m seeing continued improvements. We were just inches away.
On Marshall’s final game-winning drive:
They converted a couple of third downs. They obviously hit us on a big pass, it was a good throw and catch on Marshall’s part. He wasn’t uncovered, it wasn’t a bust on our part, their kid just made a great play.
On final incomplete pass, forcing a turnover on downs:
I knew right away it was incomplete, I had a good view on it. In those moments you try to get the ball in your playmaker’s hands. We worked the ball to where only Kalib [Woods] could get it, and unfortunately it didn’t go our way.
On his quarterback’s split performance between Daniel Parr and Jason Driskel:
Right now Daniel is continuing to improve, our offense is still limited with Daniel, as he continues to grow as a quarterback. Jason put us in position to win, and I’m proud of Jason. We’ll continue to develop Daniel, and take it one week at a time.