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Postgame Quotes

Nov. 3, 2012

Recap |  Notes


Postgame Quotes

Marshall 38, Memphis 28

Nov. 3, 2012


Marshall Head Coach Doc Holliday

Opening Statement:

“The bottom line is our kids went into that football game and found a way to win it, that’s the important thing. It was sloppy at times, but I felt when they had to step up and make plays they did. Cortez Carter made the play at the end of the game and offensively we were able to get in some 21 personnel and get a couple first downs to put it away. You have to give credit to head coach Justin Fuente and that Memphis team. They’ve played like that all year. They play extremely hard and they did it again tonight. He’s got that thing going in the right direction. They’ve got some good players that made some plays out there. We have to put our boots back on in the morning and go back to work. Find a way to go beat UAB next week.”

On Memphis recovering the onside kick:

“That happens. He did a nice job with the on-side kick. We had guys in position, but that was about as good of a kick that I’ve ever seen. That kid made a great play. We thought going in we were going to get that. Not particularly that, but I knew going in that we were going to get something in the special teams or offensively that’s going to take some shots and create issues for us and we did. We have to get better in those areas. There’s no doubt.”

On the squib kick recovered by Marshall:

“I like to say it was by design, but it wasn’t. It was just a squib and we were trying to get it on the ground. We did a good job at getting it on the ground other times after that. We were fortunate to get the ball there and I’m not going to tell you that it was designed because it wasn’t. It was designed to squib it, but it wasn’t designed to hit the kid and come back. That was a good thing.”



On Marshall relinquishing a 31-7 lead and holding on to win:

“I think their kids came out and made some plays. Unfortunately we have some guys that are beat up. We had some young freshmen that had to come in there and make some plays. I thought that was one encouraging thing today. We had Davonte Allen that came in and made some big time catches. Devin Johnson came in and had his first touchdown catch. It was nice to see those two young kids get their first touchdown catches. You see Steward Butler, Kevin Grooms and of course Remi Watson did some good things. We just have to continue to get better. We told them last week we had four shots to get five and now we have three shots to get four. We have to stay on course. We have to come back and get to work and get ready to go face a UAB team.”



On the production of Demetrius Evans and Davonte Allen:

“They had to and it was great to see. A lot of times you get put in that situation with the young kids thrown into the fire and they don’t respond. Davonte made the biggest play of the game with that catch where he was pushed out of bounds and did a nice job at getting back in and went up at the highest point and made the catch. He’s going to be a good player. Unfortunately for him (Davonte Allen) he’s had injuries. He missed all spring and he missed a lot of fall camp. He hadn’t developed. We think he’s going to be a really good player and he’s starting to get there. He’s just getting there a little slower because of the injury issues he’s had.”

On Memphis converting on six of seven fourth-down conversions:

“They just made plays. They made them and we didn’t. Fortunately on that last fourth-down defensive coordinator Chris Rippon dialed up the right deal and Cortez Carter was able to get the sack right there. Offensively they create a lot of issues with what they do with their schemes. They did some good things today.”

On keeping the young guys focused while having big lead:

“You have to finish. We finished at Southern Miss. We finished out here against Western Carolina, but we didn’t finish it the way we need to finish it. I knew going into the game that offensively we weren’t going to get as many shots by design. That’s what they did on offense. I’m sure they had the ball a lot longer than we did. We knew going in that was what they were going to do. Offensively, when you do shots, you have to make the best of it. They did a nice job at keeping our offense off the field. I thought they did a good job at doing that.”

On Quarterback Rakeem Cato’s performance:

“I think the important thing is there were no turnovers. We took care of the ball. I think we missed a couple things here and there, but for the most part as long as you take care of the football you’re going to be fine. I thought we did do that offensively.”


Sophomore Quarterback Rakeem Cato:

On getting the win today against Memphis:

“It felt great. We’re just taking them one game at a time. Trying to get to our goal and that is getting to a bowl game. Anytime you take it one game at a time you just do what you have to do to get the win.”

On giving up a 31-7 lead:

“When it was 31-7 we knew the game wasn’t over. They are always going to fight until the end. I knew the game wasn’t over. We just kept going and kept fighting.”

On Memphis recovering the on-side kick:

“It was very frustrating. I was eager to get back on the field and try to make something happen for the team. I just had to be patient on the side lines. When my number was called I made the play.”

On spreading the football to different receivers:

“We’ve been doing that all year. The whole line-up has been stepping up all year. We run eight or nine wide outs. We someone steps out someone else has to fill their shoes. That was what Davonte Allen and Demetrius Allen did. They played really good for us tonight.”

On the touchdown pass to Davonte Allen on fourth and six:

“I was a different play. They play was designed to go to Tommy Shuler. They were doubling him. So I just took a shot. Davonte was playing well all night and I just took a shot on him. He’s a big and great wide out and he made a great catch.”


Redshirt Freshman Wide Receiver Davonte Allen

On replacing Aaron Dobson replacing him:

“I told everyone that we had to step up. Coach always talks about competitive excellence coming in and making a play when your number is called and I was just ready. I just went back to the side-line after each possession and see what coach was seeing on the side line. Then I tried to go out there and execute.”


Redshirt Freshman Linebacker D.J. Hunter

On Memphis fighting back and making it a game:

“You have to prepare for things like this. The battle scars. I feel that we came together and made a couple plays like Cortez Carter did. That was a great play by Cortez.”

On the Cortez Carter sack near the end of the game:

“At first I didn’t know what was going on. I was in coverage and then I just see someone just flying in and it was a sack and it was Cortez. It was a great play.”

On Memphis converting on fake punt and Marshall’s defense back on the field:

“We didn’t let it kill us, but everyone was like dang, we have to go back out there. It’s kind of tough to be out there for 23 straight plays, but that killer instinct has to kick in. I feel like we put in a whole lot of work in the offseason and it kind of got us ready for it.”

Memphis Head Coach Justin Fuente

On the game:

“Our kids played hard, but they didn’t play smart. You’ve got to win. We’re going to demand things: effort and discipline. We’re still learning those things. It’s a process. But you can’t do some of the things we did and beat someone on the road. I don’t care where you’re playing or who you’re playing against or how good you are. We certainly don’t have that luxury. As many good things as we did out there, to give up the things and do some of the things that we did, you’re not going to get over the hump that way.”

“Penalties, we’re not going to tolerate that. Just execution both offense and defensive end, I want to take a step back and tell you, obviously, Marshall is a good football team. Their offense is explosive. Their coaches do a great job putting them in a position to succeed. That has a lot to do with it. Still, when you’re talking about things we can control, we have to do a better job.”

On penalties:

”I know it’s a lack of discipline. It’s one of the things that this program will be built on is being disciplined. It’s something that we’re going to deal with. Over the course of the game, occasionally things happen, obviously. They’re trying to do right, but part of it is a lack of discipline.”

On talking to the defense mid-game:

“Well, I don’t know if it was me talking to them, but I pretty much laid out what we were going to tolerate and what we weren’t going to tolerate. There are some things going on that we’re not going to have here.

“But we made some plays in the special teams, and made a couple plays offensively. We scratched and called our way back into it but by then, you only get so many opportunities, you waste your bullets making a good comeback.”

On Memphis punter Tom Hornsey:

“They’re (Marshall) a big block team and that’s a fake we had in for a couple different opponents. All that stuff is neat and fancy, but you still have to execute. It was a great job of that unit executing the play.”

“Sometimes you have opportunities and you need to make the most of them. Sometimes we make them and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes you get put in a good situation you got to go ahead and make it. Sometimes you get put in a bad situation you got to make sure it’s not a disaster. And sometimes, it’s a tie, and the ball goes up in the air, and one guy catches it and the other guy doesn’t.”

On momentum gathering after onside kick:

“Those are good momentum plays. We’re trying to find a way to steal possession and get the ball back. It was just a perfect kick, It gave our guys a boost.”

On Marshall:

“They do a great job. They have great players. The quarterback does a good job at getting the ball out of his hands. They spread you out a little bit more, and get you out in space. They dink and dunk you, and dink and dunk you, then you crawl up and they throw it over your head. They’re pretty good at it.”

On a home game after two weeks on the road:

“I’m looking forward to getting back and going back to work and trying to build this program. I’ll continue to watch this team grow, and see if we can continue to correct some of these bad habits and go to work.”

On Memphis quarterback Jacob Karam:

“He definitely came out to play today. You could tell there was a different look in his eye. He was more focused and more calm. He knew the job he had to do and relaxed. He did a great job scrambling. First down was where we needed him, crucial points. He fought ‘til the end.”