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Marshall Football Postgame Quotes

Nov. 12, 2016

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Doc Holliday, head coach
Opening Statement:
I am just proud of our players, proud of the way they played. That was the most complete game we’ve played. Some guys stepped up, I thought our quarterback was sensational. We were plus four in the turnover margin. We took the ball away from them four times and we did not turn it over. We were able to run the ball extremely well and we made great decisions out there. I am just so happy that on this occasion, our guys went out and played like they did. I am happy for our fan base and our school that we honored the young Thundering Herd and played the way we played. We have to build on this and continue to become a better team.
Going into the fourth quarter with the lead:
You have to finish and just keep doing what you’re doing. Our offensive line was sensational, we have so many young guys on that field with (Michael) Selby out, (Clint) Van Horn out and all those guys went in there and played well. Same thing on defense, there were two freshmen defensive ends, (Damien) Dozier and (Ty) Tyler, made a lot of plays. I saw a lot out there today that I have not seen all year. Again, we just have to build off this and move forward.
On the rush attack:
I think it starts with the defense. You see some of these guys out there that have great abilities. Most of that defense are all young guys and there all back which is encouraging. Offensively, I thought Anthony Anderson looked like the back we thought he was today. Unfortunately, its game number ten, he has a great future ahead of him. I thought Pittman ran the ball well and some receivers stepped up and made plays. It’s a positive and we will continue to build off this. 
On Corey Neely:
He had a tremendous pick. It’s amazing that when you put that ‘75’ on your helmet, they seem to make plays that they haven’t made and every year has been that way. For four straight years now we have played our best football on that particular day.
On stopping the run
I think [Mathers] finished with 45 yards rushing, and he is a tremendous back, he was leading the league. I figured they would give it to him 50 times and they gave it to him a bunch, but our guys did a nice job of getting him on the ground.
Chase Litton, sophomore quarterback
On honoring the 75:
I feel like we were cheating a bit. We had 75 angels playing for us tonight. We just went out there and had fun. I sat here a year ago and said that nobody wanted to play us on this day and nobody wanted to play us with these jerseys.
On the game:
It’s what we’ve been expecting all year. Finally, we put the pieces together and that’s what happens. We mixed up the formations. We had a tremendous run game and had a tremendous offensive line who opened up holes for those guys.
On the defense:
That’s Marshall defense. When they’re swarming around like that with all the young guys, that’s us. The defense put us in great situations to capitalize and that’s what we did.
Ryan Bee, redshirt sophomore defensive lineman
On the win:
I told the guys that all I wanted for my birthday was a win. We did that and what a day to do it on. When you come to this university, you have a responsibility to go out there and represent those guys the right way and we did that.
On executing in the fourth quarter:
We always talk about finishing. We wanted to be able to slam the door shut and we did that tonight.
On stopping Middle Tennessee running back I’Tavius Mathers:
He’s one of the best backs in the league. One of our goals at the beginning of the week was to shut him down. That was our emphasis on defense. As a defense we’re always trying to get better and fix our mistakes and I think we did a good job of that tonight.
Corey Neely, senior defensive back
On the defense:
We wanted to be able to start out fast tonight and not allow them to score on the first drive. Terry Richardson’s interception really helped us out.
On his interception:
That really helped out. [Richardson] started it and I finished it. I went pretty high to get the ball. I just knew that I had to come down with it.
On playing for the 75:
Everything happens for a reason. That 75 on our helmets really gave us a big spark tonight. I think that really helped us get through the week and make sure we were prepared for this game today.
Tony Pittman, redshirt junior running back
On the rushing attack:
We always compete in practice. We just wanted to go out there and start fast and not have to come back late. We really feed off of each other.
On the offensive line:
I would say it was their best game of the year. We had big shoes to fill this week with [Michael] Selby and [Clint] Van Horn not playing. When you lose somebody, you just have to go out there and get the job done. We did that tonight.
On the 75:
I told the guys this week to go out and make a play for those guys. Those guys are on our mind all the time, so when you put that on your helmet you know you’re doing it for more than just yourself.
Justin Hunt, senior wide receiver
On the 75:
This game was only or the 75. We talked about it all week. When we put on the black jerseys and put the 75 on our helmets, we’re going to play for them for the whole game, no matter what happens.
On the team:
We have a great team and today shows that when we put it all together, nobody can play with us in my mind. We just have to finish out the season strong.
Anthony Anderson, redshirt sophomore running back
On the game:
It was all about us believing in each other and the bigger picture, the 75 guys who paved the way for us to get this program to where it is. That’s what we thought about and that’s what we talked about and believed in that.
On the running game:
I give all credit to the offensive line for that. They opened up a lot for us tonight and once we get past that first sequence, we can make the rest happen. Clint [Van Horn] and [Michael] Selby being out made us all come together as an o-line and running back committee and be on the same page because we have to do it for them too.
On his role:
I want to do whatever I can to be a part of this win. We needed to get a win and whatever I could do, I was going to do. I was patient. Our running back room is really talented and it was all about waiting your turn and being able to execute when you have the opportunity.
Levi Brown, redshirt freshman offensive lineman
On Alex Locklear:
Locklear had some snaps in the Morgan State game, which was really good for him. To be able to step in for what is basically his first real action, he was good tonight. I feel like having a great game tonight really boosted his confidence and will continue to give him more reps in the coming games.
On the second half:
I won’t say it got easier because even when you’re up, there’s still 320-pound men that you’re facing that you have to block. They were still giving their best effort, but we just had momentum on our side and that helped a lot. To see Anthony [Anderson] roll for ten and [Tony] Pittman go for nine is just an offensive lineman’s dream, just knowing that we were able to open up holes for them.
On the field position throughout the game:
Great field position helped us out. It allowed us to open up our playbook to things we could run in certain situations and that made our lives a little better.
Rick Stockstill, head coach
Opening Statement:
Marshall played well, you have to give them credit. But I’m going to look at us. Defensively we played pretty good the first half, we went into halftime 17-14. But we stunk it up offensively. We turned the ball over, we didn’t execute. It was a frustrating night offensively, but defensively we also didn’t play very well in the second half.
On the team’s performance:
We didn’t do anything that led us to believe that we played a decent game. It was a bad performance offensively, and defensively we were often given a short field because of turnovers. We also didn’t tackle well or defend the deep ball well at times. We weren’t good enough defensively for the full four quarters.
On moving forward following back to back losses:
The only way I know to get better is to work. I still believe in them, they need to believe in one another. We’ll go back to work tomorrow to try to get better and win next week.
On quarterback John Urzua’s performance:
He’s got to get better. He had three turnovers. He didn’t execute the way we had hoped. I don’t want to sit here and beat him up because it was his first start, but he has to play a lot better.
On injuries:
I’m not going to make excuses on guys being hurt. I’m sure Marshall has guys hurt, everybody in the country has guys hurt.