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Postgame Quotes

Nov. 26, 2011

Recap |  Notes

- Marshall head Coach Doc Holliday
Opening Statement:
"Obviously this was a great win for us. I'm really proud of the football team and the way they played. They hung in there, kept fighting and that's exactly what we do. We constantly preach about playing every snap as hard as you can play. Unfortunately we had to go to overtime. We found a way to make a play offensively with Travon Van and Tron Martinez getting into the end zone. Then we had to find a way to get some pressure on that fourth down and come up with a big play. This game was huge for us for obvious reasons. This win gives us an opportunity to go to a bowl and an opportunity to have another spring ball. I'm excited about practicing those young kids."

On the emotions of the game:
"We have a great group of seniors. That senior group has really bought into what we're trying to get done here on the field and off. Their work ethic and what we ask them to do. They've been great since day one. I've never had one issue with them. It was so important to me that we sent those kids out the right way with a win."

On Marshall's improvement in C-USA:
"This is the first time in the history of us being in this conference and having a winning record. We're (5-3) in conference. I think that's huge. In my mind that means we're taking a step forward. The other thing that is important is Southern Miss and East Carolina took us to the woodshed last season. They beat us and beat us good. I think being able to come back the next year and beat both Southern Miss and East Carolina tells me that we're going in the right direction and we're getting better as a team."

On the improvements this year:
"We are bowl eligible and we have won another game, but there has been a lot more progress then what the record shows. I can see us growing up defensively and the one thing we had to do was tackle. We did just that tonight. I didn't see a lot of missed tackles out there. There is no doubt in my mind that we've made significant progress. We're not where we want to be. Our goal is always to win the Conference championship. We didn't do it this year either. We're getting closer but we won't be satisfied until we get to that game."



Junior wide receiver Aaron Dobson
On the catch in the end zone:
"It was wild. I just put my arm around the defenders back and made the grab. I was really excited about it. A lot of people we're telling me about the one hand catch when I was out there shaking hands with people. They we're saying that was the greatest catch they had ever seen."

Senior defensive lineman Vinny Curry
On getting the win:
"This win meant everything. It just feels good to go out a winner. I was kind of nervous, but I saw my family and friends cheering me on. Seeing everybody come together like that was great. To have the Herd fans show me a standing ovation was something."

ECU Head coach Ruffin McNeill
Opening Remarks
"First off, congrats to Doc (Holliday) and his squad on the win. I thought the game had two teams with the same sights and it showed. Proud of Doc and how he had his group prepared and how they was a hard fought game...In overtime they (Marshall) made the plays that we (East Carolina) didn't....tribute to Marshall and great luck in the postseason

About the challenge to play on the road with so much inexperience:
"Playing on the road is tough and I have been to Huntington in the past multiple times and I knew it would be tough with the great fan support they have. We have been beat up so much, in my 31 years in the most injuries I've ever had...We have the replacements and we are not in the making excuses business. We knew we would have to be mistake free and make great plays to win...We said goodbye to our seniors who have laid the blueprint for the future...We need to replenish so we can run guys out there if someone goes down."

About the pressure Marshall brings as they were the first team to bring pressure to ECU last season:
"They have done great job all year and they were the first team last year to get pressure to us....they do it from an odd and even man front...They had a great game plan and they baited us into some throws...They have a great guy in (Vinny) Curry who can cause pressure and force throws."

Justin Jones (Wide Receiver) showed how much he is a red zone threat (three touchdowns) The last two games really shows how much he means to us...He is one of those guys whom is a primary weapon...He has had a rough year with knee and wrist surgeries and has had to regroup but he really has showed in the last two games because he can isolate a defensive player and use his height

Did you feel like you would be able to get more pressure to Cato then you did?
"I had seen Cato plenty on film and knew he had plenty of live game experience so I knew it would be tough to get to him."

Did you feel like there was a turning point during the game? "I felt like we played evenly and there were time in that game that I felt we could take advantage of and grab point...I felt like it was a nip and tuck game."

Senior kicker Michael Barbour
Thoughts on the game and your missed field goal attempt:
"It was tough...felt like I needed a few more inches...great game and tip of the hat to Marshall."

About your third field goal attempt (from 52 yards, which was missed:)
"I had lots of confidence in the attempt but felt like I got under it too much."

How much does this loss hurt?
"A lot...I can't go out with the boys another month...can't go to a bowl game, which is always fun."

Freshman linebacker Maurice Falls
Thoughts on how the defense played?
"Felt like we played together and some things happen, like the wide receiver (Aaron Dobson) making an unbelievable play...just felt like we missed up at times."

How far do you feel the defense has come?
"Very far...people have talked bad about us...felt like we improved a lot and just imagine what we can do next year."

You were so close throughout the game, what does that feel like"
"Very frustrating...I was looking forward to a bowl game...we worked so hard in the's like coach says you win some and lose some."

Sophomore wide receiver Justin Jones
Talk about how tough this loss is:
"It's a very tough loss...nobody wants to end the season that way...felt like we came up just a little short...we all left it out on the field."