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Marshall Football Postgame Quotes

Nov. 26, 2016

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Doc Holliday, head coach
Opening Statement:
Not a whole lot to be said. They’re a good football team, we’re not a good football team right now. We did not meet the expectations and standards that are to be met around here this year. We’ll go back to work tomorrow and make sure this never happens again.
On if he had ever dealt with so many injuries:
No. Not in 35-40 years have I ever dealt with so many. But you know what, it’s not an excuse in any way, shape, or form. But to answer the question, no. I don’t know how many guys we had out, we’ll take a look at that too and look at why.
At what point to you step back and take a breath or do evaluations start immediately?
We’ll start tonight and tomorrow.
On Chase Litton:
He’s hurt. Wednesday he couldn’t practice, he couldn’t throw the ball Thursday. He developed a shoulder issue and it kept him from being able to throw the ball.
On how evaluations start:
You look at everything. You look at all aspects from personnel, to coaching, to everything. The way we handle everything, we have to evaluate everything. We have to look at what our issues are and get them fixed. I think we have a lot of pieces in place personnel wise. Number one we have to get the guys back that we have, and number two the guys that we have on campus, we have some guys that can get things squared away; and it will be.
Garet Morrell, freshman quarterback
On the game:
Slow start. Couldn’t get on it. Just out of rhythm. As a team, we know what we have to work on, we know what we’ve got to build and all we can do is go forward from here.
On the confidence after already having to start a game against Louisville this season:
That’s a confidence builder right there. Going against the No. 3 team at the time, that’s definitely a prop for me to work off of and as a team we just have to get after it and execute more.
On the touchdown play:
We had some momentum going and we knew we had to punch that one in. There was no option. I had to roll out and had either a defensive back or a linebacker coming straight at my face, my running back made a block for me, and I have faith in [Yurachek] to make that play. I had to get it to him and then it was his time to shine.
Gary Thompson, redshirt senior defensive lineman
On the team:
This is a group of guys that came out every Saturday and put their hearts on the line. We had some injuries and still always came back and fought.
The toughest part about the WKU offense:
The running backs. As a whole, they ran some trick plays. They ran a double reverse flea-flicker tonight. We had never seen anybody run a double reverse flea-flicker. They did a few things that we didn’t expect them to do.
Josh Knight, senior wide receiver
On the season:
It was a rough season as a whole. There was a lot of adversity, but I can say that I respect our guys. We just tried to keep fighting. Unfortunately, the end result was not what we wanted, but we did all that we could do.
On the leadership:
You have to lead by example. You have to show those guys that you’re still not going to fold, you’re not going to lay down, you’re not going to quit just because it’s getting rough. You just have to lead by example and show the guys the right way to go about their business.
On his career:
A lot of great memories with a great group of guys. I can say that I played with great guys and great coaches. I wouldn’t trade my college career for anything in the world.
Corey Neely, senior defensive back
On the effort of the team:
We fought until the very end, but we just weren’t clicking and that made it hard for us to play together. They beat us out in the first quarter and that made it really hard for us. We just tried to bounce back and come together, but it wasn’t clicking on offense tonight.
On his career:
I just know that I worked hard to get in the position that I’m in now. I just have to try and do what’s best for me in the future.
Ryan Yurachek, junior tight end
On the seniors:
I feel for those guys deep down. It stinks for those guys who worked their tails off here for four years and for those who were here for two years and even guys like Terry Richardson who was here for one year, that’s not how anyone should go out. I feel awful for those guys, but there’s nothing to do. The returners are going to have a meeting tomorrow and we’ll get back to work on Monday. That’s all you can do to make sure this doesn’t happen in 2017.
On when things went wrong:
It wasn’t just one thing. We just lost confidence this year for whatever reason and were never able to get it back. That win against FAU was a spot where I thought we could get momentum going but we turned around and lost to Charlotte the next week. Things never went our way. Some games, we didn’t deserve to win. Some games, we shot ourselves in the foot. It just wasn’t our year.
On Garet Morrell:
That’s a tough guy. I can’t say enough about him. He has been thrown into the two toughest defenses that we’ve played this year. It may not have been pretty at times, but he’s a tough dude and we have his back. I can’t say enough about him and the job he did tonight. To be a true freshman and get thrown into those two games is not easy. I’m looking forward to big things from him for sure.
Jeff Brohm, head coach
Opening Statement:
I couldn’t be prouder of our team. It was very important for us to come ready to play and we definitely did that. When you look around at all the teams this past weekend, especially since we played the night game, there were a lot of teams that found a way to lose. They didn’t finish the season and didn’t stick with it. We talked about that the entire time. It’s unfortunate that we had to sit around all day, so we watched more upsets and teams that didn’t finish the season.

Our guys came ready and practiced well. We started out with a bang. We understood the importance of the game. We had to win to advance and our guys definitely did that.
On the team’s play as a whole:
Our defense is playing at a championship level. Our offense is balanced when we’re running and throwing the ball. Special teams, whether it’s our returners or kickers, have been doing a great job. I really like the makeup of our team. Our coaches have done a great job. It’s been a lot of fun the past few weeks.

On the trick plays:
We’ve been working on that all week. When coach [Tony] Levine came in, and he’ll be the first one to tell you, I said ‘here, if we think of it, let’s put it in.’ I think he’s definitely bought into that. We’ve had a little bit of razzle-dazzle each week. We’ve put a bit more in. Unfortunately, Nacarius [Fant] hurt his knee, so we had to scratch some of it, but we kept some of it in. They were big plays for us.

On the conference championship against Louisiana Tech:
They’re a great football team. We played against them earlier in the year and it’s going to be a great game again. They have a lot of athletes, a lot of good players and a lot of talent. The great thing is we found a way to finish. We found a way to put ourselves in a position to host the game, which is great for our players and fans to bring the championship game to our home stadium. That’s a special thing, so we have to make sure we get ready to play, make sure we take it for what it’s worth and find a way to win.