Marshall Places 172 Student-Athletes on C-USA Commissioner's Honor Roll

April 16, 2009

IRVING, Texas -

A total of 1,958 student-athletes have earned recognition to the Commissioner's Honor Roll during the 2008-09 academic year, Commissioner Britton Banowsky announced today. This is an increase of more than seven percent from last year's honor roll list. Student-athletes named to the Commissioner's Honor Roll maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better.

UCF placed the highest number of student-athletes on the honor roll for the third year in a row, producing a record 224 members. SMU followed with 209, while East Carolina ranked third with 190 student-athletes on the list. Marshall placed 172 student-athletes on the list and finished sixth in total overall number of student-athletes to make the list.

"We did a great job as an institution to finish sixth in the conference in total number of student-athletes. It's a credit to our athletes, coaches and staff," Director of the Buck Harless Student-Athlete Program Tara Helton said. "When you take into consideration the five institutions that finished ahead of us in total numbers sponsor more sports and have more student-athletes than we do, our total is even more impressive."

Student-athletes with a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or better also receive the Commissioner's Academic Medal. Those winners will be released tomorrow.

The following is a complete list of Marshall's Commissioner's Honor Roll award winners, listed by sport:


Andrew Blain                                      Baseball

Kyle Blank                                          Baseball

Brandon Casamassima                       Baseball

Austin Coan                                         Baseball

Cameron Dunlavy                               Baseball

Ben Frith                                               Baseball

Tyler Gatrell                                         Baseball

Chad Johnson                                      Baseball

Ben Jurevicius                                     Baseball

Blake Sanders                                      Baseball

Eric Semeniuk                                      Baseball

Andrew Sikula                                      Baseball

Greg Williams                                      Baseball

Adam Yeager                                       Baseball

Dago Pena                                            Men's Basketball

Kore White                                           Men's Basketball

Adam Williams                                    Men's Basketball

Raechele Gray                                     Women's Basketball

Alyssa Hammond                               Women's Basketball

Chantelle Handy                                 Women's Basketball

Angelica Harris                                   Women's Basketball

Rashedah Henriques                         Women's Basketball

Kendra King                                          Women's Basketball

Annette Kristiansen                           Women's Basketball

Matt Altobello                                     Football

Robert Bowers                                    Football

George Carpenter                              Football

Jacquoi Candler                                  Football

Dakota Dishman                                 Football

Shay Dunnigan                                    Football

Tyson Gale                                           Football

Scott Gray                                            Football

Jamie Hatten                                       Football

Ian Hoskins                                          Football

John Jacobs                                          Football

Drake Kowcheck                                 Football

Brian Leggett                                      Football

Matt Parkhurst                                   Football

Joseph Smith                                       Football

Demetrius Thompson                       Football

Tyler Torlone                                       Football

Erik Vint                                                Football

Tyler Warner                                       Football

Dustin Cutlip                                        Men's Golf

Nathan Kinker                                     Men's Golf

Bosten Miller                                       Men's Golf

Carson Schambach                            Men's Golf

Maria Battaglia                                  Women's Golf

Allison Crislip                                       Women's Golf

Kristina Garrett                                  Women's Golf

Molly Ginger                                        Women's Golf

Andrea Grier                                        Women's Golf

Rachel Halloran                                  Women's Golf

Jill Lansden                                           Women's Golf

Larie Lynch                                           Women's Golf

Mary Oliver                                          Women's Golf

Michelle Sabo                                      Women's Golf

Samuel Boateng                                 Men's Soccer

Michael Bolt                                        Men's Soccer

Christiam Campero                           Men's Soccer

Joshua Clark                                        Men's Soccer

Nick Daniele                                         Men's Soccer

Dustin Dawes                                      Men's Soccer

Matt Dickerson                                   Men's Soccer

Aaron Dini                                            Men's Soccer

Dalton Hadlock                                   Men's Soccer

Jodan Hilgefort                                   Men's Soccer

Justin Hill                                              Men's Soccer    

Kolby LaCrone                                     Men's Soccer

Brandon Lacko                                    Men's Soccer

Kyle Sniatecki                                       Men's Soccer

Luke Strimer                                        Men's Soccer

Greg Walter                                         Men's Soccer

Katheryn Ball                                       Women's Soccer

Kristen Berquist                                  Women's Soccer

Erin Blakely                                          Women's Soccer

Angela DeSumma                               Women's Soccer

Erika Duncan                                       Women's Soccer

Laurel Etter                                          Women's Soccer

Melissa Gordon                                  Women's Soccer

Emma Harrison                                   Women's Soccer

Freya Holdaway                                  Women's Soccer

Rachel Huff                                          Women's Soccer

Erin Johnson                                        Women's Soccer

Stephanie Kot                                      Women's Soccer

Marisa Leconte                                   Women's Soccer

Ali Lizotte                                             Women's Soccer

Paige Oechsle                                      Women's Soccer

Liz Orton                                               Women's Soccer

Lauren Roberts                                   Women's Soccer

Molly Snead                                         Women's Soccer

Megan Tabler                                      Women's Soccer

Haley Thaxton                                     Women's Soccer

Rebecca Voss                                      Women's Soccer

Katie Wallace                                      Women's Soccer

Meghan Wetzel                                  Women's Soccer

Marcena Bertoldo                              Softball

Virginia Campbell                               Softball

Rebecca Gamby                                  Softball

Alysia Hively                                         Softball

Jessica Hughes                                   Softball

Melissa Loesing                                  Softball

Autumn Mitchell                                 Softball

Katelyn Murphree                              Softball

Kelly Nielson                                        Softball

Rachel Schmidt                                   Softball

Rachael Sofie                                       Softball

Melanie Stoehr                                   Softball

Alianna Telles                                      Softball

Karli Alsop                                            Women's Swimming

Taylor Brown                                       Women's Swimming

Briana Burns                                        Women's Swimming

Megan Demeter                                 Women's Swimming

Kelsie Eberly                                        Women's Swimming

Lauren Fairbanks                                Women's Swimming

Meghan Fillinger                                 Women's Swimming

Rachel Hannum                                  Women's Swimming

Haley Holmquist                                 Women's Swimming

Jenny Johnsson                                   Women's Swimming

Kyla Jungclaus                                     Women's Swimming

Erin Kennedy                                        Women's Swimming

Chelsey Lukens                                   Women's Swimming

Alexa Melinsky                                    Women's Swimming

Jenae Moreno                                     Women's Swimming

Samantha Noland                               Women's Swimming

Camilla Overup                                   Women's Swimming

Kristin Schroeder                                Women's Swimming

Siobhan Schuurman                           Women's Swimming

Lindsey Stock                                       Women's Swimming

Kayla Truswell                                     Women's Swimming

Susan Velte                                          Women's Swimming

Jessica Keener                                    Women's Tennis

Catherine Kellner                               Women's Tennis

Thaddea Lock                                      Women's Tennis

Isabell Raich                                        Women's Tennis

Karolina Soor                                       Women's Tennis

Ryan Bowser                                       Men's Track & Field

Eric Frohnapfel                                    Men's Track & Field

Matthew Null                                      Men's Track & Field

Straten Schemel                                 Men's Track & Field

Alex Zurbuch                                        Men's Track & Field

Elizabeth Barnhart                             Women's Track & Field

Rachel Bilek                                         Women's Track & Field

Morgan Bryant                                   Women's Track & Field

Brittany Carey                                     Women's Track & Field

Kathleen Clark                                     Women's Track & Field

Rachel Coaxum                                   Women's Track & Field

Allison Cox                                            Women's Track & Field

Lauren DeHays                                   Women's Track & Field

Chelsey Fowler                                    Women's Track & Field

Paige Govey                                         Women's Track & Field

Molly Grove                                         Women's Track & Field

Sarah Ison                                            Women's Track & Field

Ellen Kist                                               Women's Track & Field

Delkira Maybin                                    Women's Track & Field

Rebecca Minardi                                Women's Track & Field

Kwema Phillander                              Women's Track & Field

Cara Rumburg                                     Women's Track & Field

Alexandra Vaclveck                            Women's Track & Field

Kacy Winans                                        Women's Track & Field

Kelley Bugler                                        Volleyball

Megan Carlson                                   Volleyball

Elizabeth Fleming                               Volleyball

Elizabeth Herman                              Volleyball

Layne Kehl                                            Volleyball

Kristin Marcum                                   Volleyball

Meredith O'Malley                            Volleyball

Jalicia Ross                                           Volleyball

Emily Sullivan                                       Volleyball

Susan Waldie                                       Volleyball

Cameron Yoho                                    Volleyball