Quotes from Head Coach Mark Snyder's Weekly Press Conference

Aug. 30, 2005

The following are quotes from Marshall head coach Mark Snyder's weekly Tuesday press conference prior to the William & Mary game.

On William & Mary: Oh boy, it's two days to game time. I think our kids are ready to hit somebody else. Coach Laycock was coaching when I played, he has won a lot of games and he's still there doing a great job. It will be an honor for me to be coaching against him in my first game. They will be well coached. They have a good system and I'm sure they'll be ready to play.

On starting Jimmy Skinner at Quarterback: (Jimmy Skinner) has been there a little longer. He has the most recall. If there is a problem, Larry (Kueck) can get him on the headset and solve it. We have a plan to play both quarterbacks.

On Marty Biagi handling punting: In a perfect world, we would have a kicker and a punter. Since we took the punting duties off Ian (O'Connor), he has become more consistent in his kicking, not where we want him, but more consistent.

On his senior captians Willie Smith, Chris Royal, Jeff Mullins, and Wilbur Hargrove: I've got my senior captains here today, they are a good looking group of guys. These guys have to be leaders.

On staying the night before in Charleston and starting the walk from the Henderson Center to the stadium: Most big-time programs go to a hotel the night before games. It is a team building thing. We will leave Charleston at 3:30-4:00 p.m., and drop the kids at the Henderson Center for the "Walk" at about two hours before kickoff, 5:00 p.m. this week. I have a feeling it will bring "goose-pimples" to the players when they see our fans and, knowing our fans, it will be a rowdy environment. Then, they will have time to reflect as they dress for the game, so it will be just like a game emotionally, up and down. It's a teaching tool for dealing with those emotions.

On his team: What do I like the most (about the team)? Their attitude...I love it. They work, work, work and give us everything they have. You don't always get that. I also like our coaches. They demanded excellence from our players this August.

On coaching in his first game and taking the field for the first time as coach at Marshall: Well, now I'll be leading out the team. I'm very fortunate to have won lots of games as an assistant. I expected to win. So far, so good, preparing for game one ... I feel good...I'd be shocked if we didn't come to play. We (Marshall football) always play well at home, always have. It goes back to the walk, this is a new time, new era. Kids change. Coaches before me found a way to win here and I will too.

On William & Mary being a I-AA school: When Marshall was I-AA, we felt they could play with anyone. We expect same of William and Mary. They are a very good football team.