Mark Snyder Press Conference Quotes

Sept. 4, 2007

Mark Snyder Press Conference Marshall vs. West Virginia - September 4, 2007

Opening Statement ... I think this is a great thing for our state, that we're put on center stage. The two best team's in our state will be featured on ESPN, and we kickoff the college football Saturday. We're excited.

On the differences between Miami and West Virginia ... For the second weekend we face some tough challenges. Last week we knew that we had to stay out of third along against Miami because of their defensive front. Unfortunately, we did not get that done. We did tackle better. The challenge this week is on the defense this week to tackle two of the premier players in the country in the open field. That will be our challenge this week.

On what makes WVU hard to defend... They spread the entire field. The make you defend vertically and horizontally. It's a horizontal offense and then suddenly it goes vertical. If an offense has the talent to do that, it makes them very difficult to defend.

On the team's that shutdown WVU last season... They've had great plans in place. They tackled well and they created turnovers. South Florida was a very, very fast defense.

On assessing his defense ... We're better than we've been. We're faster than we've been. The good thing about going down and facing a team like Miami is that we got to match our speed with their speed. I said it after the game, `I think we're a faster team this year.' We didn't look out of place Saturday. We've been in some games in the past where we didn't feel like we were as fast as some of the teams we played.

On Steve Slaton and Pat White being tough to tackle... That's why they're so durable. It's hard to get a clean shot on them because they run east and west and then north and south. The key is to get them on the ground and live to see another snap.

On defensive assignments against the spread ... It's option football. That's what it is. When you rule it out on defense, it's just like option football.



On Darius Reynaud ... He's very underrated. I think he is a really good player. He's playing with a lot of confidence. I think he's pretty good. Not a lot of people talk about him.

On how Coach Rodriguez has been successful at WVU ... He's done a really nice job. He built it from the ground up. I wasn't here when he took over that program, but I know he did his way and the right way. He's recruited well and recruited for his system and it's paying off right now.

On the atmosphere for the upcoming game... It will be great. I got a little taste of it last weekend. Except for the score our really enjoyed coaching last week. It was my first trip to the Orange Bowl, and I really enjoyed it. This is what big time college football is all about.

On his players being healthy ... We are. We'll have everybody at full speed this week.

On the quarterback situation ... We'll start with Bernard (Morris). Brian Anderson will play. It will depend on how the game is going and if we're staying out of third and long. It keeps going back to that.

On the best offensive combinations he has coached against ... There a couple of years that Michigan had a one-two combination at running back and wide receiver that was really good. Wisconsin had a really good pair when they had Lee Evans and Chambers. They're not as good as these two though.