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Quotes/Notes/Video from Doc Holliday's Sept. 5 Press Conference

Sept. 5, 2017

Press Conference Video
Game Notes

Opening Thoughts:

Our captains this week are wide receiver Marcel Williams and defensive lineman Ryan Bee on defense. Kicker/punter Kaare Vedvik will be the captain on special teams.

Just a couple of interesting things from the Miami game ... we had 15 guys who all had red stripes (in practice) on their helmets and those are all guys who never contributed. That was the reason they had the red stripes still on. Fifteen of those guys had those stripes taken off on Saturday. How about (Marquis) Couch goes from having a red stripe on his helmet to being captain and playing a tremendous game?! I could go on and on because a lot of those guys helped us win that football game.

On NC State:

They're an excellent football team. A lot of people have them to win their side of the ACC. When you look at them on tape, they should have been picked to win. That defensive front is as good as when I was there. When you look at them offensively, it starts with their quarterback. This team is very similar to Miami in that they have all their players back from a year ago. They are a very, very talented group and it will be a tough environment to go play in. Our guys are looking forward to that opportunity and that challenge. Like always we need to have a good week of preparation just like we had the week before last.

On Doc returning to NC State:

Once the whistle blows it's all what happens between the lines. NC State is a beautiful place and they have a tremendous fanbase. One thing about them, it doesn't matter who goes and plays in their stadium it's always filled up to the max. It'll be a great atmosphere that I'm sure our kids will enjoy going and playing in.



On Marquis Couch:

The biggest thing he did was he kept working. Lot of kids run away instead of looking the challenge right in the eyes. He kept working and when he got the opportunity, he made the most of it. He's a tremendous kid, and he's good academically.

On facing Power 5 competition:

We've played Power 5 schools. We beat Maryland in the Military Bowl when they were in the ACC and matched up well against them. We beat Purdue and beat Louisville when they were in the Big East. We've done that. We'll never go into a game that we don't expect to have an opportunity to win the game. That's why you prepare and play the game.

More on NC State:

They'll probably try to establish the run against us but their coaches will do what they have to do to win them the football game, whether it's throwing the ball 64 times (or not).

On Malik Gant:

He has great range. You talk about guys who are just good football players. He's a young guy, who's not very big but who's really long and athletic. He runs around and makes plays. He works very hard and he's going to be a good player.

On defensive depth:

That's what you have to have. The guys who played really well were the defensive line and the defensive front. Moving Ryan Bee inside was huge ... he was the defensive champion. He played lights out. We rolled about eight guys in there and they all played well.

On third-down efficiency:

You always want to improve on everything you do, and third down is something both offensively and defensively we want to improve on. We've got to get off the field on third down and stay on the field offensively.

On special teams:

Everyone talks about the kickoff returns, but I thought the biggest play might have been Vedvik on that last series having a 50-yard net punt and making it non-returnable. That was executed well.

On lessons learned against Miami:

We needed a game like that. We needed a tough, hard-fought game and that's what that was. It was a heavyweight fight. I think one nice thing about going and winning a game like that is that it validates what's happened since January. All the hard work we've put into it through the spring and summer and it validates what all we've done in the offseason.

On the defensive effort despite all the time on the field:

Our strength coaches have done a tremendous job. I gave the game ball to them. I thought we were in great shape and the defense is going to be out there a little longer when you have two kickoff returns and an interception return because you put them right back out there. It's a good situation to have.